LOve to Be caLLeD WANA
some may call me angah or nana..hehe
bORN oN 5th May 1987
epi becoming bday to me
LuV my fAmiLy DaMN muCh
abah, mak, luvly Along, cool Abg Udin, cute Kakcik, macho Anep,n si tembam Apiz
I haVe toRtoiSes named TiMuN & TuMiN, n A cAt NaMed ToM
thinking of adopting new pet 'Jerry' coz i luv to watch Tom & Jerry..haha
cRazY fOr BOOKS!!!!!!!!
I'm not talking bout buku sekolah
OwneD a cAr named 'BibAh'
it's viva!!
Ex-hAMiDian 1999-2003
proud of my SMKA Maahad Hamidiah
gRaduAteD fRom UnivErSitI uTaRa maLaySia
yeah, already attend my cnvocation..hehe 
cRaVinG 4 cHocoLaTe
SuKe JaLan-jaLaN
jalan2 cari pasal
Luv MuSic
mari lupa lirik
an oPeN mInDed, buT a  biT cosErVatiVe... 
yes,its me