I do my thing and you do yours
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
And you are not in this world to live up to mine
You are you and I am I
And if by chance we find each other
Then it is beautiful

Sounds rude huh??haHa..i didn't mean it...but i think dis quote suits my feelin rite now..
As a brief introduction, why i chose to choose "Life Is An Open Secret" as my blog header??Huurmm..yes, 4 those who r book addicted, i guess u hv read dis book..N 4 those who not,juz to share that i picked this from a book title written by Zabrina A Bakar, Life Is An Open Secret..I was really inspired reading all the motivational stories inside which truly captured my interest n my way of thinking..The moment i finished my informal learning session (i'm not reading for exam yaa..:p),i was totally super duper agree with her coz i finally realized that life is an open secret..Allah created it precisely..Regardless how imperfect a person or hamba Allah may be, their existence are meant to certain roles in this life theater..even sebesar zarah pn ade pranan dia..Everything n every happening has its own reason n we human, with d given aqal hv to appreciate n think bout it!!No secret at all..

Next,why did i choose 'teratak kasturi' as my blog address??'s juz d meaning of my name..'Haruman Kasturi" i juz picked d second word 'kasturi'..that's all..nothing secret!!Errr..i'm not a new legend or a female version of Hang Kasturi yaa!!haHahA..

Last but not least, i'm (we actually) gonna talk bout everything here..Life,Love,Religion,Hobbies,Books, General Issues,Daily Diary,( to list 'everything' ya??) blablablablaa.....:p So,let us hv a nice sharing here,insyaAllah..Oh ya, wanna shower my thousands thnx to all readers at my previous blog (followers + silent readers)..To followers,tq so much..N to silent readers,dont worry,u r welcome here n not strictly prohibited (bcoz me oso a silent reader kat many blogs..ssshhhh!!)heHehE... I'm not judging a blog by its readers traffic..Coz wat most important is  how we learn after reading it for the sake of sharing n gaining knowledge..

So, let us live life to the fullest!!!TQ