Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PERTEMBUNGAN BUDAYA...???hurrmmmm...

I read a newspaper last two days, n I dunno why I was struck with this news headline..only the headline ok,not the story inside..hehe...Wat is your 1st jdgment or impression once u read this title??Let me guess....An inter-racial marriage??nop??Hmmm..inter-cultural marriage??oso nop??ok....hmm..How bout international student exchange program??(shaking head~)..or maybe cultural split in one's personality??(eh,am i going too far from your expectation??haHaa..)Nevamind la..I'm juz guessing..:p

Actually,there's nothing serious bout this topic...it juz remind me bout my dad's story a decade ago..There was a woman who married to his kampung colleague,somewhere in Kedah(mai dengaq ceghita..:p)..But i couldn't remember where that lady came from..i mean,her hometown..lupe la..but d one i really sure, she is not a 'kedahan'..

Tell u,ank sulung dia diletak bwh jagaan her mom in law kat kedah..biasala,bru nk mula idop,tumpang ank smentara nk cari tapak kat kl..well,budak kecik tu dh sebati ngan sna n kedah dialects become her mother tongue..Then,bile mak dia balik raya,mak dia cam kurang fhm dia ckp pe..N one day...jeng..jeng..jeng...

He asked her mom.."mak,chek nak ndoi.."..he cried n repeated that statement again n again.."nk ndoi...nak ndoi.."..Mak dia pjuk n dgn pnuh sifat keibuan menuju ke dapur..."ok..nah ni,dodol..."...Hoh??..wait,for those who didn't know, 'ndoi' for kedahan is 'buai'...so,that baby was actualy asking for buaian,ok??Hmmm~ Huhuhu..nseb bek musim raya??kalo x,satu hal plak mak dia nk kcau dodol..

I still remember this story even abah citer 10 thun lepas..I hope this is a true story coz abah mmg suke citer2 ntuk buat ktorang ktawa..tp kna 'filter' gak certain stories coz until now, I can't believe when abah told us that abah pnah pnjat Gunung Jerai,terserempak ngan beruang,n beruang lari tengok misai abah...hihiihiiii...'tayapawau'...kurang lentik sket je dr A Galak.. :p
So,how to categorize my above title??A story of inter-cultural marriage??Hmmm..

Jadi,kalo nk kawen ngan org yg agak2 'kurang sama' budayanye, berusahalah untuk memahami,or setidak2nye spaya anda tidak ditertawakan..Bru je having a 'gado berilmiah' (errkk??) with my 'tuuttt..' bout kuah lodeh vs kuah lontong,bubur pisang vs pengat pisang,roti cicah sup...yes,we're alwiz fighting bout food!!haHa..N 2 be honest,i dont eat tapai n bru je nk blaja 'suke' tempe...ohohoh...how could i survive with javanese???Hmmm..yes, i could survive..insyAllah.. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Wait readers!!!Dont close this tab yet coz i'm not here to 'kutuk2' or talking bad bout others..Yup,title yg agk kurang sopan,but mind you,'bodoh' is juz an antonym for pandai,n a synonym for 'kurang bijak'..Kamus Dewan explained it as 'sukar memahami sesuatu'..so,besides using that long definition,why not we juz use 'bodoh'??haHa

This story happened few months ago (masih x lapuk dek hujan,x lekang dek panas) when i was at one famous shopping mall, looking for an original cd of Maher Zain. Juz in case u didn't know,he is a top new star of modern islamic music. Make it short, i stepped into d speedy shop n started to slit my eyes looking for that cd..unluckily,i didn' find one..Then, i asked d salesperson in charge.."Boleh tlg carikan cd Maher Zain x?"..That gurl mcm x brape tau n she said "xpnah dgr pun pnyanyi tu"..owh,ok..quite shocked with her answer,i try to find it on my own..n that gurl g kat kaunter,talk to her colleague,but then i heard the sound of giggling..wonder~Suddenly,her colleague come in front of me n say "Kak,kalo nk cri cd cramah agama mmg xde kat sni"...wat?????So i guess i know wat they were laughing for juz now..They laughed at me!!!Hoh..n ak pn trus kuar dr kdai tu..

xtau nk mrh or nk gelak...who should be awarded d 'stupid' title actually??Me or...???Yeah, that is human...sometimes,we keep laughing at others without realizing that we r actually laughing at our own stupidity..sejak ble plak maher zain tu berceramah??hoho..as a salesperson,u supposed to b updated with all these..kalo x pun,ask your customer leklok bout d details n help them!!ok??Watevala..coz kalo nk diikutkan,ak sndri pnah mentertawakan org yg diperbodohkn org lain..(astaghfirullah~ya ampun!)~tell u wat??kire adil la...1-1 draw!!heHe..

It was Thursday morning when i took my breakfast at canteen with my frenz..nyam3.. then dtg 3 org lg (guys)..ooppss,b4 i go further,juz nk explain fakta ttg 'minuman'..hehe..k,when we order 'milo ais',gmbaran yg kite dpt is 'milo+susu+ais'..rite??N oso for 'teh ais = teh+susu+ ais'..i bet u know la!!Then when we place our order 'milo O' or 'teh O' ,that means, milo tanpa susu or teh tanpa susu..am i rite??

These 3 guys chat sesame dorang n ble waitress(makcik) dtg amek order,they placed their order..but my happy chewing moment was distracted by their last order..uhuk uhuk (choking sound)..Makcik tu dgn slumber n konfiden,tulis n trus g blakang..U know wat?They asked for 'Susu O'..hah??my 'not so clever' brain still at its maximum functioning level ya..that means,'susu tanpa susu'??wat d heck was it..n dorang gelak2..yeah,quite funny (yet silly),but i tried so hard to not laugh coz tkut plak kot2 dorang de double meaning(men have their private 'Double Meaning Dictionary')haHA!!Cume yg x tahannye,mkcik tu xdtg2 pn.Juz after 10 minutes,bru dia dtg ngan muka blurr n ckp "Hah???susu O??"..N unintendedly,we(including me..hehe) laughed out loud looking at her comel+kompius face..Adooii,lmbatnye tndakan rfleks mkcik..hihi..sian dia tmengah2 ulang alik..

But i think,xde niatpun dorang nk mmperbdohkan..coz after that they asked 4 her apology 'gurau2 je makcik'..hehe...nvm la..:p So,my point is,x slh nk bergurau or mlawak.Cume kdg2 crtain org suke create silly jokes yg smpai mnjatuhkan or memalukan org lain..So watch out ya..jgn smpai lawak bdoh anda menyerlahkan lg kebodohan anda n menjatuhkan maruah org....ooOpPppss..!!!!heHehE..till we meet again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Tuhan Tu Jahat Ke..??"

POSTED ON 28 JULY 2010 (10.28 PM)

Laying on my bed in a pin-drop silent,listening to a very sentimntal song,Unintended by Muse n suddenly get a 'sudden idea' of writing here.. Hmmm..not so sudden la,coz i keep thinking bout dis after a very cute yet touchable discussion with my 8 yrs old little brother,Apiz, few hours ago..We went to psr mlm together,n having so much fun singing in my luvly car,Cik Bibah..Lalalaala..Suddenly,he stared at one sexy gurl passing on the road...n of course,i stared at him in return.."hey,pndg pe tu??"..N he replied.."ish2,,nape kakak tu pkai cmtu?"..Fuhh,thank God,juz worry if he will shout a 'feewwiitt'!!..Mau aku brek mngejut!!
Then he asked me,"Angah,u wanna hear a story??"..."Sure,wat is it??"..
Errr,actually we communicate in malay ya..hehe,eksyen lbey!!..K,smbung...
Then,he told me a story which told by his ustazah...I guess many of us hv heard bout dis...

A story bout a lady with her best fren,Ayat Kursi..Yes,her true believe to d power of ayt kursi which will alwiz protect n accompany her..To make it short,that lady nyaris2 dirogol sewaktu jln berseorangan oleh seorg lelaki..then di kala ketakutan amat sgt,dia tawakkal 'alallah dgn ayt kursi tu,n slamat..nk jd citer,sok kuar citer de prmpuan kna rgol d tmpat yg sma,juz a few mnit after dia lalu..n dia g ntuk jd saksi..ble pnjenayah trtngkap,dia smpat tnya,nape x rgol aku sblum prmpuan tu?..n pnjenyah tu jwb,aku melihat dua org lelaki yg sdg mnjaga dan mnemani kamu..Subhanallah..wallahualam~ correct me if i'm wrong coz dh ingat2 lupa cite ni..

But d most touchable point here was,he remind me to take care of myself whenever he's not around.."baca ayt kursi tau ble de org nk kaco angah!"..haha,wat a cute reminder!!So,guys outside,dont u ever dare to flirt on me ya!!hihihii
N d most important msg here is,jaga dri,hiasi pribadi..toksah la dok seksi2 sgt kot..budakpun bleh pk.huhuu~Sgt mnyentuh hati ble bdk berusia cmtu bleh bg psanan which i guess,truly comes from their heart n innocence..very innocent!They make judgement from wat they saw..what they heard..So,perlu dididik btul2 takut tersalah fahaman..

I still rmember when my little bro was six yrs old,besides scolding(sikit2la..) him whenever he did anything wrong,I always threatened him wif "nanti tuhan marah kang!!"..mybe bcoz I keep repeating it again n again,he get confused.."Malas la ngan Tuhan ni..asyik nk mrah je...TUHAN TU JAHAT KE??"...Hoh???then I realized tt my msg to him was undelivered.Pending!!.hihihi..so,tukar plan..Kalo dia gado2 ngan kwn dia,after kite explain nape dia xbleh gado2,we should add "kalo x gado n baik ngan kwn,mesti tuhan syg..."..Orait????Watch out n dont 4get to recite ayat kursi ya!!


Honestly,ak bknla penyair yg hebat..pe lg kalo nk memahami bait2 puisi yg teramat puitis.Org ckp lain,kte phm lain...For example,if people say,'kau ibarat gula..'..
Wow!!so sweet..seolah2 betapa manisnye idup ni ngan kehadiran kite...tp ble pk2 blk,sugar cause diabetes rite???Hoho...
Tp tibe2,ak sgt terpaku dan terpana membaca sebuah nukilan yg sgt menyentuh hati dan naluri..here,i post it dgn hrpn sm2 dpt menyelami mksud tersirat nukilan yg sgt indah ini.....(Khas untuk bkl suamiku..ehem2!!..)


Padamu yang Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, aku hanya wanita biasa
dengan begitu banyak kekurangan dalam diriku,
Aku bukanlah wanita sempurna, seperti yang mungkin kau harapkan..
Maka, ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Dia ingin menyempurnakan kekuranganku dgn keberadaanmu.
Dan aku tahu, Kaupun bukanlah laki-laki yang sempurna..
Dan ku berharap ketidaksempurnaanku mampu menyempurnakan dirimu..
Karena kelak kita akan satu..
Aibmu adalah aibku, dan indahmu adalah indahku,
Kau dan aku akan menjadi 'kita'..

Padamu yg Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, sejak kecil Allah telah menempa diriku dgn ilmu dan tarbiyah,
Membentukku menjadi wanita yg mencintai Rabbnya..
Maka ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Allah mengetahui bahwa kaupun telah menempa dirimu dgn ilmuNya..
Maka gandeng tanganku dalam mengibarkan panji-panji dakwah dalam hidup kita..
Itulah visi pernikahan kita..
Ibadah pada-Nya ta'ala..

Padamu yg Allah tetapkan sebagai nahkodaku..
Ingatlah.. Aku adalah mahlukNya dari tulang rusuk yang paling bengkok..
Ada kalanya aku akan begitu membuatmu marah..
Maka, ketahuilah.. Saat itu Dia menghendaki kau menasihatiku dengan hikmah,
Sungguh hatiku tetaplah wanita yg lemah pada kelembutan..
Namun jangan kau coba meluruskanku, karena aku akan patah..
Tapi jangan pula membiarkanku begitu saja, karena akan selamanya aku salah..
Namun tatap mataku, tersenyumlah..
Tenangkan aku dgn genggaman tanganmu..
Dan nasihati aku dgn bijak dan hikmah..
Niscaya, kau akan menemukanku tersungkur menangis di pangkuanmu..
Maka ketika itu, kau kembali memiliki hatiku..

Padamu yang Allah tetapkan sebagai atap hunianku..
Ketahuilah, ketika ijab atas namaku telah kau lontarkan..
Maka dimataku kau adalah yang terindah,
Kata2mu adalah titah untukku,
Selama tak bermaksiat pada Allah, akan ku penuhi semua perintahmu..
Maka kalau kau berkenan ku meminta..
Jadilah hunian yg indah, yang kokoh…
Yang mampu membuatku dan anak-anak kita nyaman dan aman di dalamnya..
Dan ku yakin dari tanganmu yg penuh berkah, kau mampu membentuk mereka..
Dengan hatimu yg penuh cinta, kau mampu merengkuh hati mereka..
Dan aku akan selalu jatuh cinta padamu..

Padamu yang Allah pilih sebagai imamku…
Ku memohon padamu.. Redhalah padaku,
Sungguh Redhahmu adalah Redha Ilahi Rabbi..
Mudahkanlah jalanku ke Syurga-Nya..
Karena bagiku kau adalah kunci Syurgaku..

( Oleh Aztriana 180610/ 01'50 Makassar.. ^_^v )


POSTED ON 25 MAY 2010 (10.38 PM)

Hye there..meet again..again n again,i've somthing 2 share wif u..again n again,i wanna put an exclamation mark here that every story ever written here was truly based on true stories ya!!!
Hurmm..hv u ever heard bout Vincci?(dont worry guys,i'm not gonna talk bout shopping)Yup,one of the top brands especially kasut2..The price?not bad..x terlalu mhl dan smestinya x murah..haha
Nk dijadikan citer,arini prlu ditugaskn luar kwsan..hmm,somewhere around KL..Besides driving d tngh2 jem,i chose to park my car kat LRT station.But tt wasn't d prblm.Mslh berpunca dgn kasutku..yeah,my RM17.90 shoes which i can't rmmber d brand name.hap seng ke,wah seng ke ape ntah..nvmind,let me put my own brand,Kasut Cap Kanggaru!I luv tt shoes very much,very comfort.Kasut tu dh hmpir ptus but i still wanna wear it.Hehe,degil..But it amazed me much sbb dhla tsilap building,jauh gle jln,tp ksut tu ttp bertahan..N we reached d place SAFELY!!wow!!..
When we(me n my fren) were on our way back,the situation worsened sbb cam nk cabut tapak plak..(My goodness,jgn nk wat malu d tngh kotaraya..)..n smbil jln,i started accusing n ngadu2 kat my fren..cmnila kalo bli kasut murah..blablabla..tp ksut tu still ok lg..n at that time,my fren was wearing VINCCI..so,we kept talking bout tt brand..Ksut mhl tahan lm..vincci berkualiti,tegap n mcm2 lg la pujian tnggi mnggunung..
But suddenly,x smpai bape saat,my fren cam terpele'ot(terpele'ot adalah seerti ngan terseliuh yer..)..N u know what??That expensive vincci shoes telah ptus dgn serta merta..happened btul2 in front of Avenue K kat KLcc tu..HOH???Lost words!!Juz look at each other n LAUGH!!!And...my RM17.90 cap kanggaru shoes msih ttp bertahan!!MasyaAllah..do u think like what i'm thinking rite now??
Juz try to fit or relate it wif life..Kdg2 kte slalu x brsyukur ngan pe yg kite ada..n slalu merasakan pe yg org lain ade tu lbeh baik..N cpt wat pnilaian bdasarkan mata ksr,bukan mata hati(hati de mata ke??)..Juz like this Vincci story,terlalu puji2 vincci smpai ak lupa btape byk nye jasa si cap kanggaru tu slame ni...hheehehe..So,hargailah pe yg anda ade sbb stiap kurniaan tu adalah rezeki yg patut disyukuri.Alhamdulillah..i luv everything n everyone i hv..one more thing,dont judge a book by it's cover..or maybe leh tukar sket pribhsa tu,DONT JUDGE SHOES BY ITS BRAND!!!!hehehe..karam singh waliya melaporkan~


POSTED ON 18 MAY 2010 (5.28 PM)

Hmm..juz released from heart attack (badminton fever~).Malaysia Boleh!!.Yup, frustrated with d result,but nvm laa coz everybody pun dah strive ntk menang..(ye ke dh bjuang??huhu)..wateva~
N hey everybody,get ready for d next fever (yeah,I guess smakin rmai org yg akn mntak mc)..World Cup fever!!
Talking bout sports, I wanna give d utmost thumbs up 2 my dear lil bro,Anep..*wink! Know why??Juz ask him everything bout sport,n he’ll tell u on d spot!!pheww!!!Tp sukan2 yg diiktirafla..teng teng or konda kondi are not in list ya!!Sebut je nm pmain,n gosshh,dia akn snaraikn sgale salah silah n sgale mklumat yg dikhndaki..especially all football players..(kan bagos kalo hafal subjek2 kat skola cmni~ :p)..Me??Not too fanatic,but I am silent supporter..yeah,I love sports (juz watching,not playing)..n for World Cup,semestinya ttp setia mnyokong Argentina..hehe..even chances to win tu tersgtla rendah,but I still support them..Eeerrr,I’m still Ank M’sia,tp dh m’sia x masok,xkn nk skong jgak..gile ke hape..
Musim bola ni jgak akn jd musim yg sgt2 mnguji kesabaran..hehe..still rmmber when I was watching football match wif my family (on tv)..but the match didn’t impress me much coz team x best..so I’ve decided 2 do things tt impress me much sembang2! N I kept talking 2 my dad..”Abah,blablablabla…”..n as u guess,d only response I got was “hmmm..”(with some angguk2 geleng2….)..Sabar je la..but dunno why,still nk ckp gak…N d patience for waiting his opinion ended with a very2 great answer GOL!!!..haha..rsnye rmai je yg alami cmni..
But then I terpk plak…Instead of blaming them(all the kaki bolas),why don’t we try 2 undrstand??I mean,mnghormati minat msing2..Dah tau si abah minat bola,xyahla terhegeh2 nk ajak bsembang time tu (rite??)..hurmm,baeklah~ I don’t hv special boyfren kaki bola,so xdela byk sgt ‘pngorbanan’ ntuk memahami tuh..haha :p but wateva pn, kite perlulah mnghormati pndirian n minat org lain….N 2 everybody,b hepi n enjoy dgn minat masing2!! (shopping juge adalah satu minat yer~hrp mklum whai kaum adam)..hehehe…

HAPPY BDAY TO ME..(^^,) wat a blessing~

POSTED ON 5 MAY 2010 (5.34 PM)

Ya Allah, I had teary eyes realizing tt it had been 23 yrs long where i've been using all the 'rental' stuff --> eyes 2 c,nose 2 smell,hands 2 hold n even air 2 breathe..Alhmdulillah..

Born on 5th May 1987 (thn arnab..ngeeee~i like carrot!!) bersamaan 7 Ramadhan 1407 (patotla baek je..heheh)..A name with a great meaning given by my dad ^cahaya haruman kasturi^~phewww,no need 2 spray perfume lorr!!

Hmm,nk dgr citer?Ms my mom ngndungkan dlu,dia xde ngidam pape..but only one thing,she likes d smell of petrol..perrgghh..ble abh nk isi mnyk kete je,msti nk ikot..hoh?? (^o^)..patola diriku sgt snsitif ngn kenaikan hrga mnyk..de kaitan ke?? :p N d story began when i always blamed my mom ~ ni sbb mak suke bau petrol la angah itam ~(yup,my other sblings putih2 blako..) n u know wat,pnah nk lari dr umah sbb ingtkan ank angkat (xsnonoh btol prangai kan!!),tp kcik2 dlu jer ;P But then abah told me that minyak petrol kaler kuning la..owh,bkn slh ibu mengndung~ Watevapun, i thanked u Allah ntuk sume kurniaan ~ x cntik,tp xla hodoh, x pandai,tp xla bdoh,x kaya,tp xla mskin, x baik,tp xla jht..hurrmmm

N also syukran lillah 4 all d 23 yrs sweet memories. There were many chronologies.Some plots were very simple n some were very difficult..but i've learned so many things during these yrs..4 exmple,how many times have I blamed someone else without realizing tt d problem started from me??N oso how mny times hv others blamed myself without realizing tt d problem started from sombody else??N mcm2 bnda lg yg happened dr kecik2 smpaila bsr yg mmbuatkn kte pk Why,Who,When,What n How..Nape kite yg Allah plih ntuk lalui setiap prkara tu??So,I leave those questions with blank answers..So frns,plz fill in the blanks n think!! (^-^) hurmmm..n finally,u'll find d answer based on all plots given.Subhanallah~...Blaja dan trus blaja kan!!

Tq 4 all d wishes..kat fb ke,enpon ke, n adiah (^^,!)~ n nmpknye sgt rmai mndoakan btemu jdoh..eheh..malu la..(eh,23 dh tua ke??) nope!!:p actually, dlu2 slalu kt nk kawen awl..tp Allah x mkbul lg..So now,xpnah meletakkn specific umur ntuk kawen..my aim juz--> nk ada baby b4 30!!(hurmm..kalo kawen umur 29,kna bunting plamin la yer~hahah~LoL!!)..bkn pe,xnk mletakkan pressure kat sesape..diri sndiri or 'phk 1 lg' ;p Mghrpkn sebuah hbungan yg akn bermula & berakhir dgn berbuah2 kebahagiaan (x nk sebuah je)..tnpa prkara2 yg xdiingini..ameeen..dan juge menyumbang kpd meramaikan umat2 muhammad yg berkualiti ntuk duniawi dan ukhrawi..

So,smntara nk mnnti jdoh tu,kna pstikan dpt menguasai semua mskn2 kluarga (resepi trsndiri beb!!)~Nasi Ayam Mak Endet,Rendang Itam Ayah Chik,Mee Rebus Mak Dah(ibuku syg),kari pure mkcik2 belah utara n byk lg..ha,asam pds Mak Yah..nyam2.hehehe..(Also tq Allah sbb dpt kluarga bsr yg sgt pnuh ngn ksh syg...hurmm..nkmat yg jrg org sedar~alhmdulillah~)...Still remember ms 1st time blaja msk..stndard 6,if i'm not mistaken..Abah ajr siang ikan..Mulut mncung kalah ikan,xthn bau dia...ms nk cmpak tu(yes,i say,CAMPAK,not msukkan ikn ke dlm kuali)amek jarak bpe kilometer ntah..tkut kna mnyak (overrr)..kalo bleh cam nk pkai uniform bomba n topi kledar de cermin tuh..huh!dh goreng,tnggal tulang je sbb mlekat kat kuali..hohoh..percubaan prtama yg gagal~nevermind,life is a learning process..remmber??


I'm trying 2 play 'Numar Pana La Unu' song by Cleopatra,tp x kuar suara pon..nevrmind la..Know why i've chosen tt song 2 b played?Heheh..exactly...juz want 2 suit it wif our topic now -> it's bout babies!!!!

(Errrrr...bayi2 d ats tiada kaitan ngan topik ni yer..gmbar hiasan..:p )
My dear ikhwanul muslimin n muslimat,I bet u know n aware bout this critical soSIAL issue~should i consider them s unwanted babies??nope!!!Kes buang bayi mnjadi2..Why am i talking bout this?No,not bcoz i've found any baby in front of my door or i'm a pekerja rumah kebajikan yg hari2 trime kedatangan bayi2 malang nih,sekadar terpanggil ntuk saling mengingati..
AyyuhashShabab n all Nisa' outside,tkut la ngn isu2 cmni..jgn sbb nila stitik,rosak susu sebelanga (in other words,krn mani stitik,rosak sumenye...) msj delivered??eheh ;p Takut dgn perbuatan sgelntir org,habes sume org tkena tmpias bala Allah bg..xnakla kmbali ke zmn jahiliyyah dlu...especially sblum zmn islamnye Saidina Umar. Bayi kna tanam idop2..
even skang xde thp cmtu,tp lbeh kurang gak la..Siap bakar,kna gigit semut,mati sejuk dlm hujan...Binatang pn x wat cmtu beb!!Patotnye pesan kat baby2 yg dh mati tu,"sok ko mati,trus jd hntu...g carik mak bpk ko..!!"hohohohoo..(takot x??)..u laugh??...fine!!tp scr kiasannye,even dia x mnjelma jd hntu,tp 'prasaan bsalah' yg korang rs spjg idop adalah lbeh dsyat lg dr jmpe antu!!
It was so sad when one of my neighbour told me ms dia keje klinik,mostly everyday akn de psngan yg dtg n tnya "sni bleh wat gugur baby x?"..What d hell!!!
Kalo sume ni sbb dirogol or dipksa tnpa rela,mybe bleh diterima (tp jgn r buang kat tong smpah!!)..tp yg peliknye,suka sama suka......Tiada alasan dpt diterima ble buang BENIH CINTA sndiri dlm kadaan yg sgt dhsyt!!(Think!!!!)...Hurmm..

I LOVE YOU....(^,~)

POSTED ON 25 APR 2010 (1.28 AM)

It is common nowadays 2 hear kind of news yg membabitkan pemergian insan2 tnpa disngka2,kematian mngejut n many more..ya Allah,mntak dijauhkanla dr dugaan2 mcm tuh..but d most touching story is bout pemergian Achik Spin(al fatihah)..i'm talking bout tnda2 n hint yg dia bg sbelum pemergian dia..cmne dia beria2 soh istri dia tngok dia live kat tv ptg tu,n soh family dia bersiap tnggu dia balik,pesanan dia soh jaga zuriat dia n beria2 bli rumah sbelah his mom in law spya kalo jd pape,de org tngok2kn wife n ank2 dia..hurmm..dah ajal kan!!
So pelajaran harini,hargailah org yg anda syg..kte x tau ble ajal dtg jmput.Takut x smpat nk meluahkan syg n x smpat menunjukkan btapa dia terlalu berhrga dlm idop kte..So 2 everyone i loved,I really love all of u!!MMUUAAHH..TRULY FROM D DEEPEST DEPTH OF MY HEART!!!hehehe..
Tringat citer my lecturer ms matriculation prgram dlu..yeah,he loves his mom very much,tp xpnah kiss pipi mak dia..(malu~)hihii..smpaila 1 hari,isteri dia cbr dia..n s a guy,of course dia akn menyahut cbran!!(cover macho beb!)..tp dgn 1 syrat,istri dia xleh tngok..!!(lorr,kalo x tngok,cmne nk tau)..dan bile msnye tibe,guess wat happened?
A)dia cium pp mak dia n mak dia snyum
B)dia cium pp mak dia n mak dia ckp "ko buang tebiat ke?"
C)dia x cium pn
..yes girl,u r correct!!d answer is C!!!hurrmm..dia x mmpu nk buang prasaan malu tuh..watever la..depends gak,different people show their love in different way rite!
De org lbih sng meluahkan..but certain people lbeh ske scr kiasan...sndiri kna fhm la..Watever pn,sayangilah org yg anda syg...hihikhik..(^_~)


POSTED ON 24 APR 2010 (12.30 AM)

Yesterday was my very hectic day..went 2 d court (i'm not a lwyer..juz go on behalf of my cmpny) 2 fight 4 a labour case + went 2 KWSP..
Let me start dis story with my 'great' journey to Labour Office..I went there wif my Chief Operating Officer (COO)..wait!Dont b a scandalmonger ya..he is 50++ Chinese man wif two grandchildren..:p..Feeling like 'Cik Puan' when sitting inside such luxury car.But my 'prasan cik puan' couldn't b a long lasting feeling d moment he started driving..
Ya rabbi..agak2 r..R u trying 2 b d 2nd Micheal Schumacher?Rasanye meter keta dh 2 kali pusing kot..What a drunken driver!!I can simplify it with one formula iaitu :
Kelajuan melampaui batas + selit2 kat jln yg sgt sibuk + kjp2 brek emergncy + 90km/j speed masa cri prking dlm building yg smpit n kona2 = ASYHADUALLAILAHAILLALLAH !! Yups,that's d only word i can remember at tt time!!N the most unbelievable thing was-> he enjoyed listening 2 his 1950s oldie songs without notifying tt his passenger (it's ME!!!!)is struggling hard 2 hold watever she can reach!!(pegang kusi kuat2)..But thanked God,slamat pegi n slamat kmbali ke opis..fuh!!Tp mmg sgt
FOBIA wif his driving attitude!!
After few hours, I had a meeting with him (n few others).He asked me 2 go 2 KWSP to handle some matters..
"Sure!!!", i answered wif an excited big smile(mmg suke kalo kna kuar2 ni..hikhik)But when he added "With me!!", dgn x semena2 n x disngka, I shouted "NO!!!" smbil ttp tlinge n geleng pale ngan smangatnyer..Everybody get shocked wif my super duper slumber action..they kept eyeing on me..
Ooppss..pe ak buat ni..hadoyaaiii..sume tkejut tmasuk ak sndri..But after keep silent 4 a few seconds,they laughed!!!(including him..)..Semua mata kat dia n bertalu2 dorang tanya "what hv u done 2 her??"..n from their faces,i can read tt they r thinking bout 'something else'..haaiisshh,no la!!!!My COO sndri pn cam x phm nape ak jd cmtu..n he asked, "Whats wrong wif me??"
But then my short simple answer explained everything "WHAT A GREAT DRIVING SKILL!!!"(smbil wat muka kanggaru)..N diapun ktawa ngn smangatnye dgr jwpn tu.Fuh,seb bek x kna mrh..To my dear Mr Loke,i'm very sori 4 that very unprofessional n spontaneous action..out of control!!!haha..n tq 2 yatie sbb gelak smpai xmmpu berkata2 (cehh!!) coz she's d one who gave me minyak cap kapak sblm meeting tu (saksi kejadian)..:p psni,x heran dah naik jaguar ke hape!!
Wat a funny day!!!
Tu lum msuk citer kat KWSP where me n Yatie tertnya2 siapakah EN. SABRI yg kna berurusan ngan kitorang..smbil mnanti,we keep betting all d jejaka kacak yg lalu..hurmm,yg ni kot...x la,yg tu kot....but finally,guess...??Encik Sabrimaniam rupenyer!!(juz imagine cmne ktorang sedaya upaya tahan ketawa..)..hurrmm..


POSTED ON 15 APR 2010 (4.33 PM)

Have u ever experienced this?? I mean,doing d right thing at d wrong time,or myb wrong place??Hurmmm...anybody??(no need 2 raise up your hand..hehe)..i'm sure tt most of us hv had dis experience..in wateva reason,manner or matter..hurrmm..??or even in a very simple case..
I've experienced smthing(many things actually) regarding this..the one i still remember is SALAH ANTA MSJ (gossshh..this is one of my serious 'illness')..yup,u r typing d right msg,but accidently sending it 2 d wrong one..hoh..'NK TIDO UMAH KO NANTI'-> instead of sending it 2 ANis,i've sent it to ANuar..yela,nm dia bwh nm anis..my God!!n things got worse when he quickly replied 'KECIL TPK TGN,NYIRU AK TADAHKAN..'..damn!!haha..nseb bek dia fhm silap hntar...n one more incident, d msg 'MISS U N MAY ALLAH BLESS US' which supposed 2 b sent 2 'habiBEE'(citer lama),had accidently sent 2 Hanif(my younger brother)..n guess wat had happened after tt??(nope!!wrong guessing...)dgn sgale kpntasan yg ade,trus cr enpon dia n delete..congrat!!!n,trus tuka nm hanif jd AdeqAnep..hehe.
There r many other things yg leh dikaitkn ngn topik ni...I still remember when i was in school,ustaz akram (may allah bless u) pnah citer..ms dia kat mesir,there were one guy yg xtau ckp arab..when d taxi driver asked him his destination, he just answered 'IHDINASSIRATOLMUSTAQIM'(surah alfatiha) yg b'mksud (Tunjukkan aku jln yg lurus)..hoho..right thing at wrong situation huh??silap2 taxi driver 2 pon trus b'taubat..haha...n also when u r giving instruction 2 someone of preparing coffee,u cannot say,put some sugar n disturb disturb disturb..heheh..:p
So,moral of d story,do d right thing at d right time n right situation..place oso!!
Me sndiri pn,bwu je tjebak ngn bnda nih..knon2 cube mnjadi org tngh even srba slh mula2,but end up with kata2 yg begitu menyentuh sunuk qalbu dan mengguris hati kewanitaanku....hukhukk..niat baik,tp mybe situasi kurang sesuai kot..so disalaherti..huh..n i'm very phobia with it..huh...x mo jd org tngah dh,org tepi xpe..xpun jd orang-orang..dok kat swh sorang2!!!hehehehe...n again,i hv learned smthing....


POSTED 0N 18 MARCH 2010 (8.58 PM)

Lagu yg sgt2 bermkna...dedicated dis song 2 sumbody...huhu..
I'm a teacher or hr prson by profession but u might as well call me a 'professional fairy tales lover'..ehem2..my mom was d 1 who inspired (force??) me much dlm bab2 mmbaca nih..from d very2 famous tale like cinderella smpaila ke legend of merong mahawngsa n legend of puteri lndungn bulan yg xbape nk pemes tuh,i ought 2 b rcognize s 1 of d 1st readers..(cnsider my age laa..i started reading these at 4..)..reading kind of these tales makes me stand in awe..there's such beauty in d story tt u find urself inspired 2 find out more bout life n love..(plz dscribe LOVE in wider prception yaaa..)..
So 2 b frank, kcik2 dolu,i alwys imagine myself s one of the character (heroin of course!!!) in every tale..Funny huh??errr..except 4 The Little Mermaid (sexy lorr..heheh)..Yeah..keep imagine sbg seorg puteri yg baek ati n snggup brkorbn ntuk kebahagiaan n kepentingn org lain..tp akhirnye,she lives happily eva after..wink*wink*
But tt was decade ago..angan2 seorg bdk..coz passing through d ages,i started 2 realize tt d most imprtant part in every tale is bout 'THE POWER OF LOVE'..cmne kuasa kasih syg tu mengubah sesuatu yg jelik mnjadi smpurna n sesuatu yg hina jd suci..huh!!tp skang dh tbalik,kuasa cinta 2 mngubah sesuatu yg suci jd hina..get it??4 example,krn cinta,lahir ank luar nikah yg akhirnye dibuang sesuka ati (*@#?>...ni mencarut dlm ati..)..padahal cinta 2 sesuatu yg sgt suci ntuk dinikmati...hurrmm..
Back 2 our topic....i really love fairy tales...tp xdela tksub smpai nk jd puteri lak..coz d moral values yg ada dlm tu sgt tnggi..1 of my superb faveret tales-> FROG PRINCESS..cmne keihklsn puteri tu akhirnye mngubah putera raja mnjadi putera idaman...bt i think,my own Frog Princess tale mngkin dh berakhir..ble "the power of luv" 2 brtukar jd bnci,yuppp,u cn consider yourself s a loser...my story ended with unpredictable ending..(sad???of course..)bt s a muslim,we believe in hikmah n rahmah rite??:)...
So from now on,rs cam nk tukar story....hahahah..Hmm..Cinderella..??(ala...mn nk carik ksut cntik wat2 tetinggal...hehe)..how bout Snow White??..(haiisshh..Snow Brown layak la...)..Rapunzel..?(rmbut xckup pjg lg...)..hmm..wateva la..tp bkn sng nk mmbina sebuah hikayat yg berakhir dgn pe yg diimpikan..jgn jd laila mjnun dh la..hoho..we can juz make plans,n only Allah can implement them..dgn syrat,berusahalah ke arh itu...insyaAllah..ckuplah diiktiraf bidadari ntuk seorg suami...(ececeh...touching plak..)..:p..x slh meminati cerita2 tu,tp jgn smpai lupe,kite ada byk hikayat n ksh2 bnr islam yg melambangkan tingginya nilai cinta dan kesetiaan ...Mngkin kisah setianya Zulaikha kpd Nabi Yusuf?....atau bertautnya Adam & Hawa..??nilailah dgn pndngn mata hati....Chowww...!!!


POSTED ON 18 FEB (9.18 PM)

Tringat 1 kesah yg pnah diceritakan oleh sorang ckgu kat skola aritu..but I’m not so sure this thing happened to herself or someone else..sbb ms memula tu,x dgr sgt..huhu..kte ltk nama dia A ..(bkn nama sebenar)hihi…:p..
A ni nk amek driving test ngan jpj..bukit,3 pnjuru ngn prking sume dh lps.tinggal jlnraya je..abes knfiden la ni..tp dpt plak jpj ensem.agak cuak la..haha..so, msuk kete,dh adjust sume,trus pkai tali pnggang..mamat jpj tu tngok je si A ni..mybe nmpak gbra sgt kot.haha..dia siap bg masa btenang n bc sgale doa..pstu bdk tu kt ‘dah’…hehe..btul2 knfiden ntuk berlepas..”btul dh?”..”dah la..”..lalu mamat jpj tu tany..”abestu tali pnggang sy ni nk cucuk kat mn?..”..haha..kot ye pun gbra,xyah la g cucuk tali pnggang kat sit sbelah..adoyaiii…
xtau la ni cite btul ke rekaan,tp papepun,ak mmg ske kalo akak tu bercerita..pnuh semangat dan emosi..dia cam chubby2 sket (comel tau!!)..kdg dia cite psl org meninggal pun ak bleh ktawa..bkn x tkut mati beb,tp cara dia citer tu mmg besh..akak mantap!!!haha
Tp tu la,sume org msti de pngalamn sndri time amek lesen.. ak dlu,ms blaja,mana pnah lps bukit..smpai pkcik tu kata ‘ko twkal je la..pkcik pn xtau nk ajr cmne dh..’..tp nseb baik yg tersgtlah baik,time test btul2,lps..keajaiban tuhan..haha..nk bnding jlnraya,time blaja mmg pro gile..bile test,x kuar gate tmpat ujian lg,jpj dh suruh turun..hahahahaha..malu giler..Papepun,tu sume knangan…n skarang,aku tlh mnjadi seorang pemandu yg berhamah..ehem2..(smpai calar balar bibah aku..) hehehe

T.O.L.E.R.A.N.S.I...??? hahaha

POSTED ON 28 JAN 2010 (7.50 PM)

Nak dijadikan citer,arini handle motivation program kat skool..slot 'SAHIBA' where each group is required to arrange the words given...kirenye kna susun pkataan yg tunggang tbalik...cntohnya 'KYSURU' = syukur ...n pkataan tu adalah nilai2 murni.. Sampaila kat ELONARTIS(kalo xsilap la..) which supposed 2 b 'toleransi'..sume group xdpt jwb...ble smpai turn last group,i asked them to come in front sbb dorang kata tau jwpn...siap tutup2 lg xbg kump lain tengok...n dgn muka yg sgt konfiden.."ni teacher....."..guess what????satu kls terdiam ngan jwpn tu...n after 3 seconds,sume gelak giler termasukla aku...'nasi telor'...!!ak mmg gelak sgt2 sehingga tercemar keayuan dan keprofesionalan ku sbg seorang guru.....hakhakhak.. :p