Thursday, December 16, 2010


Astaghfirullah...Nauzubillah...the only words blurted out once i read this article from Harian Metro... Ok, juz put aside for a while the fact that Harian Metro likes adding spices in their stories. No matter what, whether the 'actor n actress' are siblings or not, the age does matter! How these two persons ( malu nk sebut 'children') knew about all this? Errrrr,i mean how do they learn, from whom or where,n also what..what...what...??Sorry,juz hv no word to express all questions shooting out to my mind right now...Nauzubillah...They are juz eleven to thirteen years old, but they tend to act like adults or porn movie stars!Oooppss,dont get me wrong,i haven't watched this video yet (n i dont think i will)..but i'm sure we all know the synopsis rite?hoho~

What a pity...yes,I say PITY...matang sebelum usia...maturity is good,but when it comes 'too early', you will miss all the sweetness of life..the childhood moment..PITY!

I only knew the 'process of making baby' when i was twelve. B4 that, I thought those who get married, doing some 'kiss-kiss' n automatically will get baby..haHa..(pity me??? :p) mungkin sy rs itu semua adalah kitaran semulajadi..N we (me n frens) had never talked bout all the dirty things..kami membesar mengikut putaran masa...melalui zaman kanak-kanak yg riang gembira..No sexy cartoons or anime (unless u think badan bulat mcm doraemon itu seksi) n no cyber cafe yg berleluasa mcm skarang.

Games? Yes, we did play 'games' as well ~Main masak2 (rumput+pasir+air=bubur), Main kawen2 (slalu gado sbb xdpt jd pngntin pompuan), Main Mak2 (mngkin muka yg pnuh tnggungjwb,after lattalilat,asyik kna jd 'ayah' je), Main Police Entry, n etc... we enjoyed our childhood very much..xde henfon ntuk berinteraksi dgn kaum lain jenis..xde tdung ekin or tdung yuna yg bleh bergaya mcm skarang..sume tdung biasa,semakin bulat lipatan tdung maka semakin comellah,at least kami melalui zmn itu!

Budak skarang??hhmmm... :(
If this is what we call as globalisation era, or maybe transformation era, bloody shit! I'm sorry to say. But hey!!If this is the case,then what will happen to our next generation??Me also not so 'zuhud',but at least, sm2 semai rs tnggungjwb ntuk didik ank bngsa. I went to cc two months ago (if i'm not mistaken)..It was so sad looking at the 'customers' inside. Most of them below 15 years old. Kot2la nak melayari web pelajaran,xde mknanye!My ex-student(now 9yrs old) is googling about Justin Bieber n there were three of them playing super sexy anime game!

Juz a short reminder kpd pemilik cc : "Bro,tau la lu meniaga cr makan,tp agak2 la der..xkan nk kaut untung ats kerosakan org lain..dh trg2 lu nmpak bdk2 tu google bnda bkn2, tegur la!xpun halau je.."..thanks!

Yg tv pn 1 hal... berbangga ats nama 'membuat pendedahan',what d heck..tnjuk tngkapan2 yg dibuat kat serata lorong dgn gmbr pmpuan pkai x snonoh..that is not 'membendung' ok! Malah seolah2 'mengajak' n 'menggalak' plak ble terlalu didedahkan dgn isu2 mcm tu...999 pn xde rncngan lain nk tyg....ketandusan idea!

Hmmm...bc la sndiri laporan berita kat ats..mybe byk lg sbenanye,cuma x didedahkan je...Wallahua'lam~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book vs Love

I'm going to share bout my favourite books n bookshop....n u define/interpret luv? hurrrmm....i hv one nice story..quite interesting,n may change our prception or philosophy bout luv...hurrrmmm...but now feel very sleepy,i write this entry as my reminder....but b4 that,enjoy this bckground song from hsband to his loved one...great! switch to jiwang mood dlu b4 we proceed to the story...hehe...nite all.....Allah yubarik feek...~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ya Allah, I Did It Again….. :(

Hi all!!Havent heard bout u guys quite sometimes. But tell u smthing, I still luv blogging ya. I do read other blogger’s writing, it’s juz that it was very difficult to b in d ‘writing mood’. So, all stories ended up in my ‘heart blog’ only..(no typing is required rite??hehe)

If you guys hv read my previous post long2 time ago ( right-thingbut-at-wrong-timewrong-place ), I did mentioned that I hv 1 ‘critical illness’ which is àslalu slh anta msj! Yes,that’s it. I’m not sure whether we hv a specific name for this kind of illness or not (Doctors,help!).

It happened yesterday (again!)…I was not in a very good mood. What a hectic day! Tired! N there was issue at my office (which I’m not supposed to get involve). Wait, isu ini ialah isu berkaitan kerja,tiada kaitan dgn isu pergaduhan, umpatan ataupun jualan langsung di pejabat.Continue~But when the thing seemed to end up with no conclusion,n everybody started to blame each other, my boss (chinese man) asks me to handle it. What? I dunno wat is it regarding, n I don’t even know what actually the problem is..How they suddenly tight me in the loop?

Dan,jeng..jeng..jeng…dgn rs yg agak x puas hati,cube meluahkan kat officemate, Kak Siti through IM (instant message)..Ayatnye berbunyi begini :

“Akk, grmnye. Dia yg wat slh aritu, dh huru hara sng2 nk pas kat sy. Ngamuk kang.huhu..”

N I think u can guess what happened next….I’ve accidently sent it to d wrong person..My Boss!!! Ya Allahuakbar…..Tuhan je tau ms tu…sejuk tgn n berdebar2..Adooiii…Mmg psrah pe pun nk jd…Kalo dia xde kat meja,kompem ak dh g n delete msj tu….

N,I’ve heard stepping sounds behind me…Ya Allah…

”Hmmmm,Wana…”..aduhhh,rs mcm nk wat pmbedahan plastic sbelom toleh,biar dia x knal..

“Yes..?” replied like nothing happened (hehe)

“What are u talking?Sorry, I don’t understand Malay shortform”….

Guys, should I bow a sujud syukur? (^o^) Thank You Allah…Alhamdulillah..But honestly, felt like a vomit laughing inside..haHa..Thank God!

I juz said that it’s juz nothing n I’ve mistakenly sent it to him rather than someone else!Huhu ~

Lega sgt rasanye…Meneruskan kerja seperti biasa. Sampaila time nk balik tu,tibe2 dia panggil,n with a bright smile he said, “Don’t worry Wana, everybody makes mistake.”……..(Adakah dia telah cube mngkaji msj itu dan akhirnya terrrrrfaham maksud yg ingin disampaikan?) I guess so..wateva! HaHa

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dugaan Mencari Kerja..???

Life doesn’t hv to b so damn hard…rite??So,rather than hating reality,we juz hv to ‘luv’ d challenge n live life to d fullest..b4 u read further,kindly inform tt this will b a very very long entry,so for those ‘officially’ diagnosed with insomnia, u should try this therapy n juz continue reading! :p I’m looking forward to posting something here ~day by day,week by week~ but juz didn’t get any idea..hoh..N after ‘usha’ few photos of my frens on their convocation day [with a big Darlie smile of course!], I think I hv smthing to share..which Allah tested me so much bout ‘finding d job tt really suits u’,n even sometimes tears were swelling once I feel I’m clueless..Yeah,I’m going to tell u d real story~

It began with a very super excited day a month b4 my graduation when I received a call from one company telling tt my application as mngment trainee tlh’s from a very well known comp which I can’t mention here. Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd.Sorry,I’ve deleted it! :p Refers to d early briefing given,it will b 3 months training b4 they hire us as MT(1 year),then convert to prmenant..sounds great!!Sape x hepi sbb b4 tu pn,dh g training n kna compete ngan few candidates to get d position.

U feel very ‘blessed’ dreaming tt u’ll b part of their successful story one day..But tt wasn’t entirely true.juz a week (or a month,lupe r..) after joining d cmpny,ktorang dipanggil msuk blik intrvw..pelik gak,nk intrvw pe lg.sorang demi sorang..

It’s my turn…

“Hurmmm…tell me bout yourself..”

Me : blablablabla..

“What do u expect from us?..”

Me : blablablabla….

“What do u want to achieve in life?”

Me : blablabla….

“Do u know why I’m calling u here?”

Me : Sorry sir, I cant read your mind (haha,juz noted tt ms tu sy tersgtla fresh graduate ye..jwpn x professional lngsung..)

He smiled.Suddenly he lectured bout life,rezki..n know wat??he said tt I hv a very good talent to b a lecturer..suggested to frther my study..hoh??pe kes ni..i knew tt there must b ‘ada tauge d sebalik mee’(xleh ckp udang,coz I luv prawn very much…n I don’t like tauge)..n surely, cerita ‘di sebalik’ tu of course thing tt I don’t like n dun wanna hear..yess..the fact that…mereka x brcdg ntuk mneruskn prgrm MT that year..cost cutting sbb ms tu economy sgt down..Wat??

It worsened my day coz dpt tau a day after I’ve rejected an intrvw from MSC Malaysia..Ya Allah.. Cerita ini bkn untuk mnunjukkan kebanggaan dipanggil intrvw drpd beberapa syrkat bsr, but to tell u that,btape mnusia hnya mmpu mrancang,n only Allah can implement them..i was very so unlucky at tt time..few colleagues suggested me to call them back n arrange another intrvw,but don want to b labeled as ‘jilat ludah sndiri’,I juz ignore d suggestion..wat a pity..

Then,mngisi ms jd guru gnti sblum dpt jd Guru Siswazah Kontrak…Alhmdulillah,dgn gji yg ok +ckgu2 yg ok+only 1 km from home+lunch kat umah,I felt like working in heaven..haha..sgt2 save bajet n every weekend leh shopping…(wekkkk.. :p) no la,I luv to b in education industry as well..Teaching is very interesting..Tetapi…jeng jeng jeng (sound effect)…It is sad to tell u that the contract will not b extended n I juz two days late untuk memohon GSTT..Allahuakbar~ Again,unlucky..

Me : xkan xboleh consider kot??

Org tu : Sori dek,mmg dh tutup..

Our eye contact flickers for a moment,n it dies down… least nk gak wat muka kesian..but nvm la,blum rzki,as usual,jd guru gnti jap,sbelum amek kputusan cri keje ttp…Alhmdulillah,rzki mnyebelahi…n again,thank God,it was also a big company which I’m very sure u r familiar with it…but for d very first time,i hv to ‘really’ hide their information coz critenye agk snsitif sket..those who know,juz zip your mouth!hehe

Everything was juz fine…but only d ‘racism’ n some other thing yg xleh diterima..

Big Boss : Do u hv pen?

Me : xde Dato’

Big Boss : Hey,don’t u know how to speak English??blablabla…

Hoh??i’ve been scolded juz bcoz dat ‘sebutir’ pkataan mlayu…

N there was once..(ak x tlibat,tp berbulu la ble dgr..)

Big Boss : Listen to my instruction..Dont tell me God give u food..I am d one feeding u!!

Hohohoh…agk keterlaluan!!

N as u guess,these kind of things really ‘put’ me down,n lack of motivation..Btul org ckp,kdg2 nama je bsr,tp suasana workplacenye…?Again,as u guessed,I started to seek 4 a better job…juga ats nm mmpertahankan bhw Allah yg bg ak rzki!!

Obstacle???what’s next???Haha..juz imagine,d kala bersiap g intrvw,dua copy resume tertumpah air oren..Quickly wanna print new one,printer wat hal…cpt2 trus kuar g cari cc..

CC 1 :Kak,sori,kte tutup sbb srver down..

Ya Allah,I accept this test…tringat 1 cc lg area maju jaya…

CC 2 :Dek,ink abes la..tnggu sejam lg….

Ok,I feel like wanna cry..then trus gamble cari area tmpt nk intrvw..luckily,de signboard ‘kafe berinternet’..But I feel shameless to tell u dat de tgantung kad tulis ‘For Rent’..Can u juz imagine how I feel at dat time???Finally,I gave up…with a blurr n heartless,I went back home..I was so’s 45minutes late!!!!!!Drive blk,tetibe tnampak satu kdai printing area Menara PKNS,n,with a super duper drifting skill,ak pancung kete2 sbelah(they honk me like hell..haha)..print,n pth blk g cmpny’s 1 hour late..But tell u wat,Allah proved me his merciful..theory said,if u were late to come for an intrvw,even for 5 minutes,juz forget bout d job…Tapi siapa kite ntuk menidakkan kuasa ‘kun fayakun’..??N I’ve been selected for d next stage.Alhmdulillah…

No matter pe pun result sterusnya,yg pnting setiap kjadian membuatkan ak lebih yakin dgn kuasa Allah sbg pmberi rzki…pe yg kite sgt2 yakin,xdpt pun…pe yg kite rs dh xde hrpn lngsung,tibe2 Allah bg pluang..So then,x kesah pe pun citernye,ak mnghrpkan Allah memberikan yg terbaik..InsyAllah

Don’t despair n never loose hope,coz Allah is always by your side….InshaAllah~maher zain

Ibarat Cinta Si Daun Buat Si Dahan

Mungkin kamu xprnah tahu bhw ak punya byk angan2
Angan2 dan impian yg mahu aku gapai bersama kamu
Mahu berada d smping kamu
Menemani tiap kegembiraan dan kedukaan kamu
Kamu juga mngkin x pernah tahu bahawa
Aku ingin sntiasa mnjadi tulang belakang dan rimbunan berteduh

Ya, untuk kamu mndapatkan kekuatan
Juga untuk kamu melepas lelah mncari ketenangan


Tanpa sedar, kehadiran aku mngkin hanya 1 bebanan untuk kamu

Bebanan menanggung kerisauan

Bebanan menepis cemburu dan tuduhan

Atau..mngkin bebanan untuk sntiasa mnggembirakan

Andai itu apa yg kau rasa,maafkan aku..
Kerana aku belum berjaya memberi cinta kpd kamu
Cinta itu selayaknya membahagiakan


Percayalah, cinta aku sememangnya untuk kamu
Ibarat cinta Si Daun buat Si Dahan..
Serimbun dan serendang dedaun yg menghiasi laman

Namun,ak perlukan kamu..
Untuk mnjadi pasak dan dahan yg memegang rimbunan itu..
"Ahhh,ribut dan taufan bisa memisahkan kita!!"
Ya, itu mungkin apa yg kamu monologkan..
Sedang kamu tidak pernah tahu bahawa
Aku hanya akn pergi andai kamu yg melepaskan pegangan

Mungkin aku pergi sbg daun gugur yg hnya mencacatkan serta tidak diperlukan
Mungkin juga aku dahulu menyembah bumi

Sebelum dahanmu rebah dek akar yg x kuat bertahan
Mungkin kamu sendiri melepaskan aku kerana kalah penangan ribut dan taufan

Justeru wahai Si Dahan,
Aku hnya minta kamu mnjadi kekuatanku

Pegang aku sekuat yg mampu..
Jgn kamu racuni aku dgn kemungkinan2 yg hanya kamu imaginasikan
Jgn bunuh impian aku dgn bayangan seolah kamu akn meninggalkan aku keseorangan

Siapa kita untuk mendahului keputusan Tuhan?...
Bertahanlah wahai Dahanku..
Kerana jika kamu mati, aku dulu yg akn gugur..
Dan jika kamu lemah, aku dulu yg akn rebah.....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hmm..dh lm nk wat post ni,tp asyik tergndala,td,g psr malam..n kdai jual cd tu bukak lgu ni,tibe2 tersntuh wlaupun xde kaitan..n rs bsemangat plak nk publish entry ni..

Ntahla,lately,byk tbaca kat fb kwn2..status2 n shoutout2 yg mnunjukkan bhwa mereka sdg 'merana' krn cinta..bunyi agk keterlaluan,tp itulah sbenanye yg korang rs,but u try to deny it...
Mungkin ak bkn org yg terbaik ntuk beri nasihat..but juz to remind u that i'm ur fren,n let me b your shoulder to cry on,or even a hand for u to hold..Plez dont say that 'ko x rs,ko x tau..' sbb korang pnah tau ke pe yg pnah ak alami??So,"anggapla entri ni sbg huluran tgn seorang shbt ntuk buat korang bngkit or skurang2nye tersedar,sbb ms aku sgt2 down dlu,bertalu2 sokongan yg ak dpt dr shbt2 yg akhirnye wat ak kembali berdiri...Alhmdulillah..Mngkin 'merana' tu byknye nmpk dr glongan hawa,tp kaum adam pn pe kurangnye,cume x dipublishkan...

Buat kaum adam,susah sgt ke nk memahami hati seorang wanita??

Hawa(wanita) dijadikan dari rusuk kiri Adam(lelaki) dan bukannya dari kepala untuk disanjung, bukan juga dari kaki untuk dipijak, melainkan dari sisi dekat dengan tangan untuk dilindungi dan dekat dengan hati untuk disayangi

"Dilindungi + Disayangi"...thats d keywords..ssh sgt ke?? Mungkin kaum hawa slalu dikaitkan dgn cmburu sy tertarik dgn 1 artikel yg pnah sy bc. Si gadis yg bermasalah brtanya samada diakah yg berslh krn terlalu cmburu,then motivator tu jwb, "Tidak..sbnrnye,lelaki itu yg gagal meyakinkan anda bhwa cinta dia setulusnye untuk anda"..Kenyataan ni mngkin agk prowanita,but guys,percayalah bhwa wanita dianugerahkan Allah 'deria' tmbahan iaitu naluri or kata hati yg sgt kuat...Ni bkn pngaruh drama Ilusi ptg2 tu yer,i'm serious!!Setiap ketidakjujuran dan kecurangan anda akn dpt dirasai melalui detikan hati..lbih2 lg jika wanita yg anda plih ntuk disakiti itu adalah wanita yg dkt jiwanya dgn Allah!!Watch out!

Lg satu,ni both for men or women...kalo korang rs x dpt nk mnyintai seseorg seikhlas hati,prlu ke korang bg hrpn???perlu ke korang tbur jnji2 mnis sekadar nk menyedapkan hati pihak 1 lg??"insyaAllah" yg korang tuturkan tu bkn alasan ntuk memungkiri jnji,sebaliknye itu yg perlu jd kekuatan mnunaikan jnji2 mnis korang coz u swear on HIS name!!Dengan izin Allah...

Kpd mereka2 yg terus2 mengejar cinta yg bukan ntuk mereka,hentikanlah kalau itu yg mmbuatkan anda lebih sngsara..Kdg2,mngkin lebih baik menerima org yg mncintai anda drp terus mngharap cnta yg bkn ntuk anda..Kalau korang slalu defend diri dgn knyataan 'org aku cnta pn lum tentu bahagiakn aku,pe lg nk trime org ak x cinta'..ok,fine,then,i want to 'twist that sttment,"org yg cinta ko pn lum tntu leh bahagiakn ko,pe lg org yg x cinta ko(yess,org yg ko kejar tuu..)"..huhu..think deeply!!.

Kpd yg pnah wat pape kesilapan,bangkitlah perbetulkan..x perlu kite tuding jari kat sesape..Jgn cuba menafikan yg hidup ni ibarat roda,skang mngkin kite kat ats,x mustahil kte plak kat bwh nnti...

Mybe entri ni agak emosi sket...but trust me,sy sekadar nak 'menyelit' mmberi peringatan ntuk kite trmasuk dri sy sndiri in case kalo pape terjadi (nauzubillah)..Perlu ke kita merana krn cinta?? Ape yg pnting,belajar dan trus belajar spya x mengulangi kesilapan...Jgn rosakkan nama 'pengalaman' kerana 'pengalaman' slalu jd gelaran yg sering diberikan oleh setiap org terhadap kesilapan mereka!!! Jgn jugak menyalahkan cinta bcoz,kerana cinta kita wjud kat dunia :) See,how wonderful Allah cpta 'cinta' sehingga mmpu membenihkan zuriat dan khalifah2 yg akn terus mmpertahankan kesucian cinta (harapnye)..

N kpd yg masih mncari cnta,insyaAllah,cinta tu ada untuk anda...Anda cume perlu jd diri sndiri..x payahla nk letak nm kat fb tu jd 'ahmadyangkacak' , 'aku sasa'','ayugadisramping' or 'siticungiler' (xde kaitan ngan sesape eh)..juz b yourself n biar org yg menilai anda.. :) Good Luck!!!

A Blissful Hari Raya

Alhamdulillah, tq Allah 4 granted a chance for us to meet 1 Syawal 1431..So,how was your hari raya??A day with joy??or a day with sadness? or maybe a day that brought 'kg(s)' to u??makan,makan dan makan!hehe..My hari raya??Hmmm..i give 87 marks out of considered as 'grade A'..Where's another 13 marks??Hurrmm,deducted sbb kna drive bout 6 hours mnuju ke utara..damn tired!!Whateva pun,i had a very blissful hari raya :) hoyehhh!!

I am grateful that i grew up in a quite big family. My dad has 10 siblings n he is ninth, while my mom is seventh out of eight..So,no wonder la my eldest cousin is older than my mom.Hoh??But,....with up to 50 granchildren n now the count for 'cicit' is reaching up to 70 (yeah,i couldnt remember al names),agak terkilan coz both of my grandpa n grandma x berkesempatan mnyaksikan kembang biak keturunan dorang..Al fatihah buat Tok Wan,Tok Som,Atok n Opah~

Hmm,got no 'super bestgiler' story bout my raya fest..Juz like you..Kalo wktu tido anda ditemani ngan 'bedtime story',then i should say that our hari raya telah dipenuhi dgn 'rayatime story'..yer,crite yg sm akn diulang stiap kali raya (sumpah dh hafal!!)..Tak pcaya???Your dad will hardly convince u that he was once a true jaguh kampong n his hand made meriam buluh x pnah dikalahkan kg sbelah.Your mom will start convincing u that dulu2, she is a very hardworking ank dara n being admired by few teruna kg...hmmm...then,both of them akan bukak citer bahawa nenek moyang kite patot dibanggakan hv been dubbed as heroes for risking their life to help fighting the penjajah..Adakah ia berbunyi agk keterlaluan??hehehe..nvm la..So,am i a grandchild of an unsung Hero Malaya??Mngkin hero2 sampingan yg x msuk buku sjarah kot...:p

But when i talk bout 'story telling' ni,mmg xde sape dpt menyaingi my Mak Uda..pergghhhh..sape ank buah yg xleh ulang criter2 mak uda,mmgla korang byk mkn semut!!Sbb mmg itula yg diulang every year..Citer cmne Mak Uda kali ptama jumpe ayh uda ialah pd hari nikah is no longer common in our society today to marry d one u hv never seen b4!!N oso zmn ank dara wearing a beautiful kebaya with an hour glass like figure(phewwwiitt..)..Wlaupun crite tu sntiasa diulang,we luv to hear it...We were nailed to freezily sitting in front of her,tnpa dipaksa,n enjoy all stories....Hurmm..... :) I luv my big family!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PERTEMBUNGAN BUDAYA...???hurrmmmm...

I read a newspaper last two days, n I dunno why I was struck with this news headline..only the headline ok,not the story inside..hehe...Wat is your 1st jdgment or impression once u read this title??Let me guess....An inter-racial marriage??nop??Hmmm..inter-cultural marriage??oso nop??ok....hmm..How bout international student exchange program??(shaking head~)..or maybe cultural split in one's personality??(eh,am i going too far from your expectation??haHaa..)Nevamind la..I'm juz guessing..:p

Actually,there's nothing serious bout this juz remind me bout my dad's story a decade ago..There was a woman who married to his kampung colleague,somewhere in Kedah(mai dengaq ceghita..:p)..But i couldn't remember where that lady came from..i mean,her hometown..lupe la..but d one i really sure, she is not a 'kedahan'..

Tell u,ank sulung dia diletak bwh jagaan her mom in law kat kedah..biasala,bru nk mula idop,tumpang ank smentara nk cari tapak kat kl..well,budak kecik tu dh sebati ngan sna n kedah dialects become her mother tongue..Then,bile mak dia balik raya,mak dia cam kurang fhm dia ckp pe..N one day...jeng..jeng..jeng...

He asked her mom.."mak,chek nak ndoi.."..he cried n repeated that statement again n again.."nk ndoi...nak ndoi.."..Mak dia pjuk n dgn pnuh sifat keibuan menuju ke dapur..."ok..nah ni,dodol..."...Hoh??..wait,for those who didn't know, 'ndoi' for kedahan is 'buai',that baby was actualy asking for buaian,ok??Hmmm~ Huhuhu..nseb bek musim raya??kalo x,satu hal plak mak dia nk kcau dodol..

I still remember this story even abah citer 10 thun lepas..I hope this is a true story coz abah mmg suke citer2 ntuk buat ktorang kna 'filter' gak certain stories coz until now, I can't believe when abah told us that abah pnah pnjat Gunung Jerai,terserempak ngan beruang,n beruang lari tengok misai abah...hihiihiiii...'tayapawau'...kurang lentik sket je dr A Galak.. :p
So,how to categorize my above title??A story of inter-cultural marriage??Hmmm..

Jadi,kalo nk kawen ngan org yg agak2 'kurang sama' budayanye, berusahalah untuk memahami,or setidak2nye spaya anda tidak ditertawakan..Bru je having a 'gado berilmiah' (errkk??) with my 'tuuttt..' bout kuah lodeh vs kuah lontong,bubur pisang vs pengat pisang,roti cicah sup...yes,we're alwiz fighting bout food!!haHa..N 2 be honest,i dont eat tapai n bru je nk blaja 'suke' could i survive with javanese???Hmmm..yes, i could survive..insyAllah.. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Wait readers!!!Dont close this tab yet coz i'm not here to 'kutuk2' or talking bad bout others..Yup,title yg agk kurang sopan,but mind you,'bodoh' is juz an antonym for pandai,n a synonym for 'kurang bijak'..Kamus Dewan explained it as 'sukar memahami sesuatu',besides using that long definition,why not we juz use 'bodoh'??haHa

This story happened few months ago (masih x lapuk dek hujan,x lekang dek panas) when i was at one famous shopping mall, looking for an original cd of Maher Zain. Juz in case u didn't know,he is a top new star of modern islamic music. Make it short, i stepped into d speedy shop n started to slit my eyes looking for that cd..unluckily,i didn' find one..Then, i asked d salesperson in charge.."Boleh tlg carikan cd Maher Zain x?"..That gurl mcm x brape tau n she said "xpnah dgr pun pnyanyi tu"..owh,ok..quite shocked with her answer,i try to find it on my own..n that gurl g kat kaunter,talk to her colleague,but then i heard the sound of giggling..wonder~Suddenly,her colleague come in front of me n say "Kak,kalo nk cri cd cramah agama mmg xde kat sni"...wat?????So i guess i know wat they were laughing for juz now..They laughed at me!!!Hoh..n ak pn trus kuar dr kdai tu..

xtau nk mrh or nk gelak...who should be awarded d 'stupid' title actually??Me or...???Yeah, that is human...sometimes,we keep laughing at others without realizing that we r actually laughing at our own stupidity..sejak ble plak maher zain tu berceramah?? a salesperson,u supposed to b updated with all these..kalo x pun,ask your customer leklok bout d details n help them!!ok??Watevala..coz kalo nk diikutkan,ak sndri pnah mentertawakan org yg diperbodohkn org lain..(astaghfirullah~ya ampun!)~tell u wat??kire adil la...1-1 draw!!heHe..

It was Thursday morning when i took my breakfast at canteen with my frenz..nyam3.. then dtg 3 org lg (guys)..ooppss,b4 i go further,juz nk explain fakta ttg 'minuman'..hehe..k,when we order 'milo ais',gmbaran yg kite dpt is 'milo+susu+ais'..rite??N oso for 'teh ais = teh+susu+ ais'..i bet u know la!!Then when we place our order 'milo O' or 'teh O' ,that means, milo tanpa susu or teh tanpa i rite??

These 3 guys chat sesame dorang n ble waitress(makcik) dtg amek order,they placed their order..but my happy chewing moment was distracted by their last order..uhuk uhuk (choking sound)..Makcik tu dgn slumber n konfiden,tulis n trus g blakang..U know wat?They asked for 'Susu O'..hah??my 'not so clever' brain still at its maximum functioning level ya..that means,'susu tanpa susu'??wat d heck was it..n dorang gelak2..yeah,quite funny (yet silly),but i tried so hard to not laugh coz tkut plak kot2 dorang de double meaning(men have their private 'Double Meaning Dictionary')haHA!!Cume yg x tahannye,mkcik tu xdtg2 pn.Juz after 10 minutes,bru dia dtg ngan muka blurr n ckp "Hah???susu O??"..N unintendedly,we(including me..hehe) laughed out loud looking at her comel+kompius face..Adooii,lmbatnye tndakan rfleks mkcik..hihi..sian dia tmengah2 ulang alik..

But i think,xde niatpun dorang nk mmperbdohkan..coz after that they asked 4 her apology 'gurau2 je makcik'..hehe...nvm la..:p So,my point is,x slh nk bergurau or mlawak.Cume kdg2 crtain org suke create silly jokes yg smpai mnjatuhkan or memalukan org lain..So watch out ya..jgn smpai lawak bdoh anda menyerlahkan lg kebodohan anda n menjatuhkan maruah org....ooOpPppss..!!!!heHehE..till we meet again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Tuhan Tu Jahat Ke..??"

POSTED ON 28 JULY 2010 (10.28 PM)

Laying on my bed in a pin-drop silent,listening to a very sentimntal song,Unintended by Muse n suddenly get a 'sudden idea' of writing here.. Hmmm..not so sudden la,coz i keep thinking bout dis after a very cute yet touchable discussion with my 8 yrs old little brother,Apiz, few hours ago..We went to psr mlm together,n having so much fun singing in my luvly car,Cik Bibah..Lalalaala..Suddenly,he stared at one sexy gurl passing on the road...n of course,i stared at him in return.."hey,pndg pe tu??"..N he replied.."ish2,,nape kakak tu pkai cmtu?"..Fuhh,thank God,juz worry if he will shout a 'feewwiitt'!!..Mau aku brek mngejut!!
Then he asked me,"Angah,u wanna hear a story??"..."Sure,wat is it??"..
Errr,actually we communicate in malay ya..hehe,eksyen lbey!!..K,smbung...
Then,he told me a story which told by his ustazah...I guess many of us hv heard bout dis...

A story bout a lady with her best fren,Ayat Kursi..Yes,her true believe to d power of ayt kursi which will alwiz protect n accompany her..To make it short,that lady nyaris2 dirogol sewaktu jln berseorangan oleh seorg lelaki..then di kala ketakutan amat sgt,dia tawakkal 'alallah dgn ayt kursi tu,n slamat..nk jd citer,sok kuar citer de prmpuan kna rgol d tmpat yg sma,juz a few mnit after dia lalu..n dia g ntuk jd saksi..ble pnjenayah trtngkap,dia smpat tnya,nape x rgol aku sblum prmpuan tu?..n pnjenyah tu jwb,aku melihat dua org lelaki yg sdg mnjaga dan mnemani kamu..Subhanallah..wallahualam~ correct me if i'm wrong coz dh ingat2 lupa cite ni..

But d most touchable point here was,he remind me to take care of myself whenever he's not around.."baca ayt kursi tau ble de org nk kaco angah!"..haha,wat a cute reminder!!So,guys outside,dont u ever dare to flirt on me ya!!hihihii
N d most important msg here is,jaga dri,hiasi pribadi..toksah la dok seksi2 sgt kot..budakpun bleh pk.huhuu~Sgt mnyentuh hati ble bdk berusia cmtu bleh bg psanan which i guess,truly comes from their heart n innocence..very innocent!They make judgement from wat they saw..what they heard..So,perlu dididik btul2 takut tersalah fahaman..

I still rmember when my little bro was six yrs old,besides scolding(sikit2la..) him whenever he did anything wrong,I always threatened him wif "nanti tuhan marah kang!!"..mybe bcoz I keep repeating it again n again,he get confused.."Malas la ngan Tuhan ni..asyik nk mrah je...TUHAN TU JAHAT KE??"...Hoh???then I realized tt my msg to him was undelivered.Pending!!,tukar plan..Kalo dia gado2 ngan kwn dia,after kite explain nape dia xbleh gado2,we should add "kalo x gado n baik ngan kwn,mesti tuhan syg..."..Orait????Watch out n dont 4get to recite ayat kursi ya!!


Honestly,ak bknla penyair yg lg kalo nk memahami bait2 puisi yg teramat puitis.Org ckp lain,kte phm lain...For example,if people say,'kau ibarat gula..'..
Wow!!so sweet..seolah2 betapa manisnye idup ni ngan kehadiran ble pk2 blk,sugar cause diabetes rite???Hoho...
Tp tibe2,ak sgt terpaku dan terpana membaca sebuah nukilan yg sgt menyentuh hati dan,i post it dgn hrpn sm2 dpt menyelami mksud tersirat nukilan yg sgt indah ini.....(Khas untuk bkl suamiku..ehem2!!..)


Padamu yang Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, aku hanya wanita biasa
dengan begitu banyak kekurangan dalam diriku,
Aku bukanlah wanita sempurna, seperti yang mungkin kau harapkan..
Maka, ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Dia ingin menyempurnakan kekuranganku dgn keberadaanmu.
Dan aku tahu, Kaupun bukanlah laki-laki yang sempurna..
Dan ku berharap ketidaksempurnaanku mampu menyempurnakan dirimu..
Karena kelak kita akan satu..
Aibmu adalah aibku, dan indahmu adalah indahku,
Kau dan aku akan menjadi 'kita'..

Padamu yg Allah pilihkan untukku..
Ketahuilah, sejak kecil Allah telah menempa diriku dgn ilmu dan tarbiyah,
Membentukku menjadi wanita yg mencintai Rabbnya..
Maka ketika Dia memilihmu untukku,
Maka saat itu, Allah mengetahui bahwa kaupun telah menempa dirimu dgn ilmuNya..
Maka gandeng tanganku dalam mengibarkan panji-panji dakwah dalam hidup kita..
Itulah visi pernikahan kita..
Ibadah pada-Nya ta'ala..

Padamu yg Allah tetapkan sebagai nahkodaku..
Ingatlah.. Aku adalah mahlukNya dari tulang rusuk yang paling bengkok..
Ada kalanya aku akan begitu membuatmu marah..
Maka, ketahuilah.. Saat itu Dia menghendaki kau menasihatiku dengan hikmah,
Sungguh hatiku tetaplah wanita yg lemah pada kelembutan..
Namun jangan kau coba meluruskanku, karena aku akan patah..
Tapi jangan pula membiarkanku begitu saja, karena akan selamanya aku salah..
Namun tatap mataku, tersenyumlah..
Tenangkan aku dgn genggaman tanganmu..
Dan nasihati aku dgn bijak dan hikmah..
Niscaya, kau akan menemukanku tersungkur menangis di pangkuanmu..
Maka ketika itu, kau kembali memiliki hatiku..

Padamu yang Allah tetapkan sebagai atap hunianku..
Ketahuilah, ketika ijab atas namaku telah kau lontarkan..
Maka dimataku kau adalah yang terindah,
Kata2mu adalah titah untukku,
Selama tak bermaksiat pada Allah, akan ku penuhi semua perintahmu..
Maka kalau kau berkenan ku meminta..
Jadilah hunian yg indah, yang kokoh…
Yang mampu membuatku dan anak-anak kita nyaman dan aman di dalamnya..
Dan ku yakin dari tanganmu yg penuh berkah, kau mampu membentuk mereka..
Dengan hatimu yg penuh cinta, kau mampu merengkuh hati mereka..
Dan aku akan selalu jatuh cinta padamu..

Padamu yang Allah pilih sebagai imamku…
Ku memohon padamu.. Redhalah padaku,
Sungguh Redhahmu adalah Redha Ilahi Rabbi..
Mudahkanlah jalanku ke Syurga-Nya..
Karena bagiku kau adalah kunci Syurgaku..

( Oleh Aztriana 180610/ 01'50 Makassar.. ^_^v )