Thursday, December 16, 2010


Astaghfirullah...Nauzubillah...the only words blurted out once i read this article from Harian Metro... Ok, juz put aside for a while the fact that Harian Metro likes adding spices in their stories. No matter what, whether the 'actor n actress' are siblings or not, the age does matter! How these two persons ( malu nk sebut 'children') knew about all this? Errrrr,i mean how do they learn, from whom or where,n also what..what...what...??Sorry,juz hv no word to express all questions shooting out to my mind right now...Nauzubillah...They are juz eleven to thirteen years old, but they tend to act like adults or porn movie stars!Oooppss,dont get me wrong,i haven't watched this video yet (n i dont think i will)..but i'm sure we all know the synopsis rite?hoho~

What a pity...yes,I say PITY...matang sebelum usia...maturity is good,but when it comes 'too early', you will miss all the sweetness of life..the childhood moment..PITY!

I only knew the 'process of making baby' when i was twelve. B4 that, I thought those who get married, doing some 'kiss-kiss' n automatically will get baby..haHa..(pity me??? :p) mungkin sy rs itu semua adalah kitaran semulajadi..N we (me n frens) had never talked bout all the dirty things..kami membesar mengikut putaran masa...melalui zaman kanak-kanak yg riang gembira..No sexy cartoons or anime (unless u think badan bulat mcm doraemon itu seksi) n no cyber cafe yg berleluasa mcm skarang.

Games? Yes, we did play 'games' as well ~Main masak2 (rumput+pasir+air=bubur), Main kawen2 (slalu gado sbb xdpt jd pngntin pompuan), Main Mak2 (mngkin muka yg pnuh tnggungjwb,after lattalilat,asyik kna jd 'ayah' je), Main Police Entry, n etc... we enjoyed our childhood very much..xde henfon ntuk berinteraksi dgn kaum lain jenis..xde tdung ekin or tdung yuna yg bleh bergaya mcm skarang..sume tdung biasa,semakin bulat lipatan tdung maka semakin comellah,at least kami melalui zmn itu!

Budak skarang??hhmmm... :(
If this is what we call as globalisation era, or maybe transformation era, bloody shit! I'm sorry to say. But hey!!If this is the case,then what will happen to our next generation??Me also not so 'zuhud',but at least, sm2 semai rs tnggungjwb ntuk didik ank bngsa. I went to cc two months ago (if i'm not mistaken)..It was so sad looking at the 'customers' inside. Most of them below 15 years old. Kot2la nak melayari web pelajaran,xde mknanye!My ex-student(now 9yrs old) is googling about Justin Bieber n there were three of them playing super sexy anime game!

Juz a short reminder kpd pemilik cc : "Bro,tau la lu meniaga cr makan,tp agak2 la der..xkan nk kaut untung ats kerosakan org lain..dh trg2 lu nmpak bdk2 tu google bnda bkn2, tegur la!xpun halau je.."..thanks!

Yg tv pn 1 hal... berbangga ats nama 'membuat pendedahan',what d heck..tnjuk tngkapan2 yg dibuat kat serata lorong dgn gmbr pmpuan pkai x snonoh..that is not 'membendung' ok! Malah seolah2 'mengajak' n 'menggalak' plak ble terlalu didedahkan dgn isu2 mcm tu...999 pn xde rncngan lain nk tyg....ketandusan idea!

Hmmm...bc la sndiri laporan berita kat ats..mybe byk lg sbenanye,cuma x didedahkan je...Wallahua'lam~

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