Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ya Allah, I Did It Again….. :(

Hi all!!Havent heard bout u guys quite sometimes. But tell u smthing, I still luv blogging ya. I do read other blogger’s writing, it’s juz that it was very difficult to b in d ‘writing mood’. So, all stories ended up in my ‘heart blog’ only..(no typing is required rite??hehe)

If you guys hv read my previous post long2 time ago ( right-thingbut-at-wrong-timewrong-place ), I did mentioned that I hv 1 ‘critical illness’ which is àslalu slh anta msj! Yes,that’s it. I’m not sure whether we hv a specific name for this kind of illness or not (Doctors,help!).

It happened yesterday (again!)…I was not in a very good mood. What a hectic day! Tired! N there was issue at my office (which I’m not supposed to get involve). Wait, isu ini ialah isu berkaitan kerja,tiada kaitan dgn isu pergaduhan, umpatan ataupun jualan langsung di pejabat.Continue~But when the thing seemed to end up with no conclusion,n everybody started to blame each other, my boss (chinese man) asks me to handle it. What? I dunno wat is it regarding, n I don’t even know what actually the problem is..How they suddenly tight me in the loop?

Dan,jeng..jeng..jeng…dgn rs yg agak x puas hati,cube meluahkan kat officemate, Kak Siti through IM (instant message)..Ayatnye berbunyi begini :

“Akk, grmnye. Dia yg wat slh aritu, dh huru hara sng2 nk pas kat sy. Ngamuk kang.huhu..”

N I think u can guess what happened next….I’ve accidently sent it to d wrong person..My Boss!!! Ya Allahuakbar…..Tuhan je tau ms tu…sejuk tgn n berdebar2..Adooiii…Mmg psrah pe pun nk jd…Kalo dia xde kat meja,kompem ak dh g n delete msj tu….

N,I’ve heard stepping sounds behind me…Ya Allah…

”Hmmmm,Wana…”..aduhhh,rs mcm nk wat pmbedahan plastic sbelom toleh,biar dia x knal..

“Yes..?” replied like nothing happened (hehe)

“What are u talking?Sorry, I don’t understand Malay shortform”….

Guys, should I bow a sujud syukur? (^o^) Thank You Allah…Alhamdulillah..But honestly, felt like a vomit laughing inside..haHa..Thank God!

I juz said that it’s juz nothing n I’ve mistakenly sent it to him rather than someone else!Huhu ~

Lega sgt rasanye…Meneruskan kerja seperti biasa. Sampaila time nk balik tu,tibe2 dia panggil,n with a bright smile he said, “Don’t worry Wana, everybody makes mistake.”……..(Adakah dia telah cube mngkaji msj itu dan akhirnya terrrrrfaham maksud yg ingin disampaikan?) I guess so..wateva! HaHa

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