Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dugaan Mencari Kerja..???

Life doesn’t hv to b so damn hard…rite??So,rather than hating reality,we juz hv to ‘luv’ d challenge n live life to d fullest..b4 u read further,kindly inform tt this will b a very very long entry,so for those ‘officially’ diagnosed with insomnia, u should try this therapy n juz continue reading! :p I’m looking forward to posting something here ~day by day,week by week~ but juz didn’t get any idea..hoh..N after ‘usha’ few photos of my frens on their convocation day [with a big Darlie smile of course!], I think I hv smthing to share..which Allah tested me so much bout ‘finding d job tt really suits u’,n even sometimes tears were swelling once I feel I’m clueless..Yeah,I’m going to tell u d real story~

It began with a very super excited day a month b4 my graduation when I received a call from one company telling tt my application as mngment trainee tlh’s from a very well known comp which I can’t mention here. Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd.Sorry,I’ve deleted it! :p Refers to d early briefing given,it will b 3 months training b4 they hire us as MT(1 year),then convert to prmenant..sounds great!!Sape x hepi sbb b4 tu pn,dh g training n kna compete ngan few candidates to get d position.

U feel very ‘blessed’ dreaming tt u’ll b part of their successful story one day..But tt wasn’t entirely true.juz a week (or a month,lupe r..) after joining d cmpny,ktorang dipanggil msuk blik intrvw..pelik gak,nk intrvw pe lg.sorang demi sorang..

It’s my turn…

“Hurmmm…tell me bout yourself..”

Me : blablablabla..

“What do u expect from us?..”

Me : blablablabla….

“What do u want to achieve in life?”

Me : blablabla….

“Do u know why I’m calling u here?”

Me : Sorry sir, I cant read your mind (haha,juz noted tt ms tu sy tersgtla fresh graduate ye..jwpn x professional lngsung..)

He smiled.Suddenly he lectured bout life,rezki..n know wat??he said tt I hv a very good talent to b a lecturer..suggested to frther my study..hoh??pe kes ni..i knew tt there must b ‘ada tauge d sebalik mee’(xleh ckp udang,coz I luv prawn very much…n I don’t like tauge)..n surely, cerita ‘di sebalik’ tu of course thing tt I don’t like n dun wanna hear..yess..the fact that…mereka x brcdg ntuk mneruskn prgrm MT that year..cost cutting sbb ms tu economy sgt down..Wat??

It worsened my day coz dpt tau a day after I’ve rejected an intrvw from MSC Malaysia..Ya Allah.. Cerita ini bkn untuk mnunjukkan kebanggaan dipanggil intrvw drpd beberapa syrkat bsr, but to tell u that,btape mnusia hnya mmpu mrancang,n only Allah can implement them..i was very so unlucky at tt time..few colleagues suggested me to call them back n arrange another intrvw,but don want to b labeled as ‘jilat ludah sndiri’,I juz ignore d suggestion..wat a pity..

Then,mngisi ms jd guru gnti sblum dpt jd Guru Siswazah Kontrak…Alhmdulillah,dgn gji yg ok +ckgu2 yg ok+only 1 km from home+lunch kat umah,I felt like working in heaven..haha..sgt2 save bajet n every weekend leh shopping…(wekkkk.. :p) no la,I luv to b in education industry as well..Teaching is very interesting..Tetapi…jeng jeng jeng (sound effect)…It is sad to tell u that the contract will not b extended n I juz two days late untuk memohon GSTT..Allahuakbar~ Again,unlucky..

Me : xkan xboleh consider kot??

Org tu : Sori dek,mmg dh tutup..

Our eye contact flickers for a moment,n it dies down… least nk gak wat muka kesian..but nvm la,blum rzki,as usual,jd guru gnti jap,sbelum amek kputusan cri keje ttp…Alhmdulillah,rzki mnyebelahi…n again,thank God,it was also a big company which I’m very sure u r familiar with it…but for d very first time,i hv to ‘really’ hide their information coz critenye agk snsitif sket..those who know,juz zip your mouth!hehe

Everything was juz fine…but only d ‘racism’ n some other thing yg xleh diterima..

Big Boss : Do u hv pen?

Me : xde Dato’

Big Boss : Hey,don’t u know how to speak English??blablabla…

Hoh??i’ve been scolded juz bcoz dat ‘sebutir’ pkataan mlayu…

N there was once..(ak x tlibat,tp berbulu la ble dgr..)

Big Boss : Listen to my instruction..Dont tell me God give u food..I am d one feeding u!!

Hohohoh…agk keterlaluan!!

N as u guess,these kind of things really ‘put’ me down,n lack of motivation..Btul org ckp,kdg2 nama je bsr,tp suasana workplacenye…?Again,as u guessed,I started to seek 4 a better job…juga ats nm mmpertahankan bhw Allah yg bg ak rzki!!

Obstacle???what’s next???Haha..juz imagine,d kala bersiap g intrvw,dua copy resume tertumpah air oren..Quickly wanna print new one,printer wat hal…cpt2 trus kuar g cari cc..

CC 1 :Kak,sori,kte tutup sbb srver down..

Ya Allah,I accept this test…tringat 1 cc lg area maju jaya…

CC 2 :Dek,ink abes la..tnggu sejam lg….

Ok,I feel like wanna cry..then trus gamble cari area tmpt nk intrvw..luckily,de signboard ‘kafe berinternet’..But I feel shameless to tell u dat de tgantung kad tulis ‘For Rent’..Can u juz imagine how I feel at dat time???Finally,I gave up…with a blurr n heartless,I went back home..I was so’s 45minutes late!!!!!!Drive blk,tetibe tnampak satu kdai printing area Menara PKNS,n,with a super duper drifting skill,ak pancung kete2 sbelah(they honk me like hell..haha)..print,n pth blk g cmpny’s 1 hour late..But tell u wat,Allah proved me his merciful..theory said,if u were late to come for an intrvw,even for 5 minutes,juz forget bout d job…Tapi siapa kite ntuk menidakkan kuasa ‘kun fayakun’..??N I’ve been selected for d next stage.Alhmdulillah…

No matter pe pun result sterusnya,yg pnting setiap kjadian membuatkan ak lebih yakin dgn kuasa Allah sbg pmberi rzki…pe yg kite sgt2 yakin,xdpt pun…pe yg kite rs dh xde hrpn lngsung,tibe2 Allah bg pluang..So then,x kesah pe pun citernye,ak mnghrpkan Allah memberikan yg terbaik..InsyAllah

Don’t despair n never loose hope,coz Allah is always by your side….InshaAllah~maher zain

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