Sunday, August 15, 2010


POSTED ON 15 APR 2010 (4.33 PM)

Have u ever experienced this?? I mean,doing d right thing at d wrong time,or myb wrong place??Hurmmm...anybody??(no need 2 raise up your hand..hehe)..i'm sure tt most of us hv had dis wateva reason,manner or matter..hurrmm..??or even in a very simple case..
I've experienced smthing(many things actually) regarding this..the one i still remember is SALAH ANTA MSJ (gossshh..this is one of my serious 'illness')..yup,u r typing d right msg,but accidently sending it 2 d wrong one..hoh..'NK TIDO UMAH KO NANTI'-> instead of sending it 2 ANis,i've sent it to ANuar..yela,nm dia bwh nm God!!n things got worse when he quickly replied 'KECIL TPK TGN,NYIRU AK TADAHKAN..'..damn!!haha..nseb bek dia fhm silap hntar...n one more incident, d msg 'MISS U N MAY ALLAH BLESS US' which supposed 2 b sent 2 'habiBEE'(citer lama),had accidently sent 2 Hanif(my younger brother)..n guess wat had happened after tt??(nope!!wrong guessing...)dgn sgale kpntasan yg ade,trus cr enpon dia n delete..congrat!!!n,trus tuka nm hanif jd AdeqAnep..hehe.
There r many other things yg leh dikaitkn ngn topik ni...I still remember when i was in school,ustaz akram (may allah bless u) pnah dia kat mesir,there were one guy yg xtau ckp arab..when d taxi driver asked him his destination, he just answered 'IHDINASSIRATOLMUSTAQIM'(surah alfatiha) yg b'mksud (Tunjukkan aku jln yg lurus)..hoho..right thing at wrong situation huh??silap2 taxi driver 2 pon trus b'taubat..haha...n also when u r giving instruction 2 someone of preparing coffee,u cannot say,put some sugar n disturb disturb disturb..heheh..:p
So,moral of d story,do d right thing at d right time n right oso!!
Me sndiri pn,bwu je tjebak ngn bnda nih..knon2 cube mnjadi org tngh even srba slh mula2,but end up with kata2 yg begitu menyentuh sunuk qalbu dan mengguris hati kewanitaanku....hukhukk..niat baik,tp mybe situasi kurang sesuai disalaherti..huh..n i'm very phobia with it..huh...x mo jd org tngah dh,org tepi xpe..xpun jd orang-orang..dok kat swh sorang2!!!hehehehe...n again,i hv learned smthing....

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