Sunday, August 15, 2010


POSTED ON 24 APR 2010 (12.30 AM)

Yesterday was my very hectic day..went 2 d court (i'm not a lwyer..juz go on behalf of my cmpny) 2 fight 4 a labour case + went 2 KWSP..
Let me start dis story with my 'great' journey to Labour Office..I went there wif my Chief Operating Officer (COO)..wait!Dont b a scandalmonger ya..he is 50++ Chinese man wif two grandchildren..:p..Feeling like 'Cik Puan' when sitting inside such luxury car.But my 'prasan cik puan' couldn't b a long lasting feeling d moment he started driving..
Ya rabbi..agak2 r..R u trying 2 b d 2nd Micheal Schumacher?Rasanye meter keta dh 2 kali pusing kot..What a drunken driver!!I can simplify it with one formula iaitu :
Kelajuan melampaui batas + selit2 kat jln yg sgt sibuk + kjp2 brek emergncy + 90km/j speed masa cri prking dlm building yg smpit n kona2 = ASYHADUALLAILAHAILLALLAH !! Yups,that's d only word i can remember at tt time!!N the most unbelievable thing was-> he enjoyed listening 2 his 1950s oldie songs without notifying tt his passenger (it's ME!!!!)is struggling hard 2 hold watever she can reach!!(pegang kusi kuat2)..But thanked God,slamat pegi n slamat kmbali ke opis..fuh!!Tp mmg sgt
FOBIA wif his driving attitude!!
After few hours, I had a meeting with him (n few others).He asked me 2 go 2 KWSP to handle some matters..
"Sure!!!", i answered wif an excited big smile(mmg suke kalo kna kuar2 ni..hikhik)But when he added "With me!!", dgn x semena2 n x disngka, I shouted "NO!!!" smbil ttp tlinge n geleng pale ngan smangatnyer..Everybody get shocked wif my super duper slumber action..they kept eyeing on me.. ak buat ni..hadoyaaiii..sume tkejut tmasuk ak sndri..But after keep silent 4 a few seconds,they laughed!!!(including him..)..Semua mata kat dia n bertalu2 dorang tanya "what hv u done 2 her??"..n from their faces,i can read tt they r thinking bout 'something else'..haaiisshh,no la!!!!My COO sndri pn cam x phm nape ak jd cmtu..n he asked, "Whats wrong wif me??"
But then my short simple answer explained everything "WHAT A GREAT DRIVING SKILL!!!"(smbil wat muka kanggaru)..N diapun ktawa ngn smangatnye dgr jwpn tu.Fuh,seb bek x kna mrh..To my dear Mr Loke,i'm very sori 4 that very unprofessional n spontaneous action..out of control!!!haha..n tq 2 yatie sbb gelak smpai xmmpu berkata2 (cehh!!) coz she's d one who gave me minyak cap kapak sblm meeting tu (saksi kejadian)..:p psni,x heran dah naik jaguar ke hape!!
Wat a funny day!!!
Tu lum msuk citer kat KWSP where me n Yatie tertnya2 siapakah EN. SABRI yg kna berurusan ngan kitorang..smbil mnanti,we keep betting all d jejaka kacak yg lalu..hurmm,yg ni kot...x la,yg tu kot....but finally,guess...??Encik Sabrimaniam rupenyer!!(juz imagine cmne ktorang sedaya upaya tahan ketawa..)..hurrmm..

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