Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Tuhan Tu Jahat Ke..??"

POSTED ON 28 JULY 2010 (10.28 PM)

Laying on my bed in a pin-drop silent,listening to a very sentimntal song,Unintended by Muse n suddenly get a 'sudden idea' of writing here.. Hmmm..not so sudden la,coz i keep thinking bout dis after a very cute yet touchable discussion with my 8 yrs old little brother,Apiz, few hours ago..We went to psr mlm together,n having so much fun singing in my luvly car,Cik Bibah..Lalalaala..Suddenly,he stared at one sexy gurl passing on the road...n of course,i stared at him in return.."hey,pndg pe tu??"..N he replied.."ish2,,nape kakak tu pkai cmtu?"..Fuhh,thank God,juz worry if he will shout a 'feewwiitt'!!..Mau aku brek mngejut!!
Then he asked me,"Angah,u wanna hear a story??"..."Sure,wat is it??"..
Errr,actually we communicate in malay ya..hehe,eksyen lbey!!..K,smbung...
Then,he told me a story which told by his ustazah...I guess many of us hv heard bout dis...

A story bout a lady with her best fren,Ayat Kursi..Yes,her true believe to d power of ayt kursi which will alwiz protect n accompany her..To make it short,that lady nyaris2 dirogol sewaktu jln berseorangan oleh seorg lelaki..then di kala ketakutan amat sgt,dia tawakkal 'alallah dgn ayt kursi tu,n slamat..nk jd citer,sok kuar citer de prmpuan kna rgol d tmpat yg sma,juz a few mnit after dia lalu..n dia g ntuk jd saksi..ble pnjenayah trtngkap,dia smpat tnya,nape x rgol aku sblum prmpuan tu?..n pnjenyah tu jwb,aku melihat dua org lelaki yg sdg mnjaga dan mnemani kamu..Subhanallah..wallahualam~ correct me if i'm wrong coz dh ingat2 lupa cite ni..

But d most touchable point here was,he remind me to take care of myself whenever he's not around.."baca ayt kursi tau ble de org nk kaco angah!"..haha,wat a cute reminder!!So,guys outside,dont u ever dare to flirt on me ya!!hihihii
N d most important msg here is,jaga dri,hiasi pribadi..toksah la dok seksi2 sgt kot..budakpun bleh pk.huhuu~Sgt mnyentuh hati ble bdk berusia cmtu bleh bg psanan which i guess,truly comes from their heart n innocence..very innocent!They make judgement from wat they saw..what they heard..So,perlu dididik btul2 takut tersalah fahaman..

I still rmember when my little bro was six yrs old,besides scolding(sikit2la..) him whenever he did anything wrong,I always threatened him wif "nanti tuhan marah kang!!"..mybe bcoz I keep repeating it again n again,he get confused.."Malas la ngan Tuhan ni..asyik nk mrah je...TUHAN TU JAHAT KE??"...Hoh???then I realized tt my msg to him was undelivered.Pending!!,tukar plan..Kalo dia gado2 ngan kwn dia,after kite explain nape dia xbleh gado2,we should add "kalo x gado n baik ngan kwn,mesti tuhan syg..."..Orait????Watch out n dont 4get to recite ayat kursi ya!!

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