Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Wait readers!!!Dont close this tab yet coz i'm not here to 'kutuk2' or talking bad bout others..Yup,title yg agk kurang sopan,but mind you,'bodoh' is juz an antonym for pandai,n a synonym for 'kurang bijak'..Kamus Dewan explained it as 'sukar memahami sesuatu'..so,besides using that long definition,why not we juz use 'bodoh'??haHa

This story happened few months ago (masih x lapuk dek hujan,x lekang dek panas) when i was at one famous shopping mall, looking for an original cd of Maher Zain. Juz in case u didn't know,he is a top new star of modern islamic music. Make it short, i stepped into d speedy shop n started to slit my eyes looking for that cd..unluckily,i didn' find one..Then, i asked d salesperson in charge.."Boleh tlg carikan cd Maher Zain x?"..That gurl mcm x brape tau n she said "xpnah dgr pun pnyanyi tu"..owh,ok..quite shocked with her answer,i try to find it on my own..n that gurl g kat kaunter,talk to her colleague,but then i heard the sound of giggling..wonder~Suddenly,her colleague come in front of me n say "Kak,kalo nk cri cd cramah agama mmg xde kat sni"...wat?????So i guess i know wat they were laughing for juz now..They laughed at me!!!Hoh..n ak pn trus kuar dr kdai tu..

xtau nk mrh or nk gelak...who should be awarded d 'stupid' title actually??Me or...???Yeah, that is human...sometimes,we keep laughing at others without realizing that we r actually laughing at our own stupidity..sejak ble plak maher zain tu berceramah??hoho..as a salesperson,u supposed to b updated with all these..kalo x pun,ask your customer leklok bout d details n help them!!ok??Watevala..coz kalo nk diikutkan,ak sndri pnah mentertawakan org yg diperbodohkn org lain..(astaghfirullah~ya ampun!)~tell u wat??kire adil la...1-1 draw!!heHe..

It was Thursday morning when i took my breakfast at canteen with my frenz..nyam3.. then dtg 3 org lg (guys)..ooppss,b4 i go further,juz nk explain fakta ttg 'minuman'..hehe..k,when we order 'milo ais',gmbaran yg kite dpt is 'milo+susu+ais'..rite??N oso for 'teh ais = teh+susu+ ais'..i bet u know la!!Then when we place our order 'milo O' or 'teh O' ,that means, milo tanpa susu or teh tanpa susu..am i rite??

These 3 guys chat sesame dorang n ble waitress(makcik) dtg amek order,they placed their order..but my happy chewing moment was distracted by their last order..uhuk uhuk (choking sound)..Makcik tu dgn slumber n konfiden,tulis n trus g blakang..U know wat?They asked for 'Susu O'..hah??my 'not so clever' brain still at its maximum functioning level ya..that means,'susu tanpa susu'??wat d heck was it..n dorang gelak2..yeah,quite funny (yet silly),but i tried so hard to not laugh coz tkut plak kot2 dorang de double meaning(men have their private 'Double Meaning Dictionary')haHA!!Cume yg x tahannye,mkcik tu xdtg2 pn.Juz after 10 minutes,bru dia dtg ngan muka blurr n ckp "Hah???susu O??"..N unintendedly,we(including me..hehe) laughed out loud looking at her comel+kompius face..Adooii,lmbatnye tndakan rfleks mkcik..hihi..sian dia tmengah2 ulang alik..

But i think,xde niatpun dorang nk mmperbdohkan..coz after that they asked 4 her apology 'gurau2 je makcik'..hehe...nvm la..:p So,my point is,x slh nk bergurau or mlawak.Cume kdg2 crtain org suke create silly jokes yg smpai mnjatuhkan or memalukan org lain..So watch out ya..jgn smpai lawak bdoh anda menyerlahkan lg kebodohan anda n menjatuhkan maruah org....ooOpPppss..!!!!heHehE..till we meet again!

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