Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PERTEMBUNGAN BUDAYA...???hurrmmmm...

I read a newspaper last two days, n I dunno why I was struck with this news headline..only the headline ok,not the story inside..hehe...Wat is your 1st jdgment or impression once u read this title??Let me guess....An inter-racial marriage??nop??Hmmm..inter-cultural marriage??oso nop??ok....hmm..How bout international student exchange program??(shaking head~)..or maybe cultural split in one's personality??(eh,am i going too far from your expectation??haHaa..)Nevamind la..I'm juz guessing..:p

Actually,there's nothing serious bout this topic...it juz remind me bout my dad's story a decade ago..There was a woman who married to his kampung colleague,somewhere in Kedah(mai dengaq ceghita..:p)..But i couldn't remember where that lady came from..i mean,her hometown..lupe la..but d one i really sure, she is not a 'kedahan'..

Tell u,ank sulung dia diletak bwh jagaan her mom in law kat kedah..biasala,bru nk mula idop,tumpang ank smentara nk cari tapak kat kl..well,budak kecik tu dh sebati ngan sna n kedah dialects become her mother tongue..Then,bile mak dia balik raya,mak dia cam kurang fhm dia ckp pe..N one day...jeng..jeng..jeng...

He asked her mom.."mak,chek nak ndoi.."..he cried n repeated that statement again n again.."nk ndoi...nak ndoi.."..Mak dia pjuk n dgn pnuh sifat keibuan menuju ke dapur..."ok..nah ni,dodol..."...Hoh??..wait,for those who didn't know, 'ndoi' for kedahan is 'buai'...so,that baby was actualy asking for buaian,ok??Hmmm~ Huhuhu..nseb bek musim raya??kalo x,satu hal plak mak dia nk kcau dodol..

I still remember this story even abah citer 10 thun lepas..I hope this is a true story coz abah mmg suke citer2 ntuk buat ktorang ktawa..tp kna 'filter' gak certain stories coz until now, I can't believe when abah told us that abah pnah pnjat Gunung Jerai,terserempak ngan beruang,n beruang lari tengok misai abah...hihiihiiii...'tayapawau'...kurang lentik sket je dr A Galak.. :p
So,how to categorize my above title??A story of inter-cultural marriage??Hmmm..

Jadi,kalo nk kawen ngan org yg agak2 'kurang sama' budayanye, berusahalah untuk memahami,or setidak2nye spaya anda tidak ditertawakan..Bru je having a 'gado berilmiah' (errkk??) with my 'tuuttt..' bout kuah lodeh vs kuah lontong,bubur pisang vs pengat pisang,roti cicah sup...yes,we're alwiz fighting bout food!!haHa..N 2 be honest,i dont eat tapai n bru je nk blaja 'suke' tempe...ohohoh...how could i survive with javanese???Hmmm..yes, i could survive..insyAllah.. :)

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